You may order a Personalized Report from your myFTDNA account.

To do so:

  1. Sign in to your myFTDNA account.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the page, click on the Upgrade button. The Order Additional DNA Tests page is displayed.
    Personalized Reports_9Feb16
  3. In the Personalized Reports section, click Learn More. The Personalized Report page is displayed.

On the Personalized Report page, there is an overview of what Personalized Reports offer and a button to place your order. To order, click the Order Personalized Report button, and complete payment.

Note: If there is not an Order Personalized Report button on the Personalized Report page, it means we have reached the maximum number of orders for the last seven days. Try again in a few days, as the seven day order limit is updated regularly.