How much do the Personalized Reports cost?

We offer two reports, one for the Yline (paternal) and one for the mitochondrial [...]

Do you do custom reports for Family Finder (autosomal) results?

No, we do not. Family Finder and other autosomal tests are heavily dependent on [...]

How big (long) are the Personalized Reports?

Each report is between 80 and 120 pages. The average length is about 100 [...]

Are there any requirements for Personal Reports relative to DNA testing?

Yes, if you have taken the Y-DNA test, you must have tested at 37 [...]

How do I order a Personalized Report?

You may order a Personalized Report from your myFTDNA account.

To do so:

Sign in to [...]

What happens after I order the report?

After you place your order, Roberta Estes will send you a form that has [...]

Who creates the Personalized Reports?

Personalized Reports are created by Roberta Estes who is an independent contractor affiliated with [...]