The following updates are scheduled to be released later today. If any fail final testing, they will be rolled back.

1) The timeout for myFTDNA will be increased from 30 min to 2 hrs. This will benefit everyone but is great for group admins.

2) We are changing the word Triangulation to Common Matches for Family Finder matching.

3) We are updating Steps to Genetic Distance on both the Y-DNA and mtDNA matching pages.

4) We are fixing the bug in the Interactive Tour. It was getting cut off at the Family Finder section but will now complete.

5) We are adding the ability for customers to download chromosome browser data for all of their matches. This new option is towards the top right side of the chromosome browser page and will be in Excel format.

6) We are updating the look of profile displays across Family Finder, mtDNA, Y-DNA, and Advanced matches page.

7) We are migrating myFTDNA media files to a different (faster) server. This will cause a 4 to 6 hour downtime for impacted pages. There will be an under construction message during the downtime.

I hope that having this information in advance is helpful. :-)