The Reference page provides additional guidance beyond our GAP Guidelines on best practices for managing a group project.

How can I view my project’s member passwords?

We do not display member passwords to  group Project Administrators. The project member may give the Project [...]

How do I sign in to the Group Administration Page (GAP)?

You may sign in to your Group Administration Page (GAP) account from the FTDNA Sign [...]

Why is the same kit listed more than once in Pending Lab Results?

A kit is listed on the Member Reports Pending Lab Results page by the test or [...]

In what languages are the myHeritage project pages available?

MyHeritage uses the text from your Public Website. That means if your site is in [...]

What do the different letters on my project members’ kit numbers mean?

The letters at the beginning of customers’ kit numbers indicate where they originally purchased [...]

On the Genetic Distance page, why am I unable to compare a project member to others in the project?

On the Genetic Distance page, there is a limit on the maximum genetic distance [...]

What do the colors for the marker results on the Y-DNA Colorized chart mean?

The Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) results chart is color coded to show where someone in [...]

May I post my project members’ results on an external website?

Yes, you may post your project members’ mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) [...]

What if a member forgets his or her password?

If a member misplaces his or her password and requests it from you, you [...]

As a group Project Administrator, who can view my contact information?

As a group Project Administrator, your contact information will be visible to Family Tree DNA [...]

Where is the country of origin entered for a participant? What does “unknown origin” mean?

The release form contains a section asking for the paternal country of origin, and [...]

When should I use the Join Authorization page to send an email?

Messages should be sent to anyone that you would like to include in your [...]

Someone is in my Group Project who should not be, how do I remove him?

If there is an individual who does not meet your group requirement or who [...]

I have a new member but I don’t see him in the member list, why?

If a new member’s name and kit number do not appear at the end [...]

Who will receive bulk email messages sent from the GAP?

In the individual members’ myFTDNA accounts, participants have the option to decide if they [...]

On the GAP Project Profile page, what is the show project in surname project list option? Should I check the box to show my project in this list?

The Show project in Surname Project list option allows you to set whether or [...]

What will happen if I require a join request?

The Join Request option changes the appearance of the Group Description that is shown [...]

If I do not respond to a Join Request within 48 hours, what will happen?

If you do not respond to join requests within 48 hours, then Family Tree [...]

If I require Join Requests, how often should I answer them?

If you require Join Requests, you should review them once a day. All join [...]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Join Requests?

Many group project administrators require Join Requests because they like to screen prospective project [...]