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What is a Relevant Match?

A “Relevant Match” as stated in the Family Tree DNA release form is one of the [...]

What is FamilyTreeDNA’s relationship with MyHeritage?

FamilyTreeDNA’s state-of-the-art lab processes DNA tests for MyHeritage.

myFamilyTree | GEDCOM

For the first time since the inception of genetic genealogy, you can add your DNA [...]

Will you analyze health information? Will you allow insurance companies to have access to any information?

No. Family Tree DNA does not sell clinical or diagnostic tests. Our tests are [...]

I am considering testing with a company that uses your lab. Does FamilyTreeDNA certify or screen projects and affiliates? Should I consider their use of the FamilyTreeDNA lab an endorsement of the company by FamilyTreeDNA?

FamilyTreeDNA neither certifies nor endorses groups or organizations that choose to act as resellers [...]

If I transfer my lab results to FamilyTreeDNA and then decide I no longer want to be in your database, will I be able to remove my results?

Yes, it is your DNA. You have the right to ask us to remove [...]

What is FamilyTreeDNA’s relationship with these companies: African DNA, DNA Ancestry and Family Origin, DNA World Wide, iGenea?

Each of these companies has a testing partnership with FamilyTreeDNA. At FamilyTreeDNA, we provide [...]

Who owns and runs FamilyTreeDNA?

FamilyTreeDNA’s President and CEO is Bennett Greenspan. Our Vice President of Operations and Marketing [...]

What is FamilyTreeDNA’s policy on email and phone customer service time?

If, after searching for an answer to your question in this FAQ you still [...]

Why can’t I access or order a certificate for this test?

Family Tree DNA has certificates for three products: mtDNA, standard Y-DNA STRs, and Y-DNA [...]

When should I use a genetic testing service?

You should use a DNA test to help solve genealogy puzzles. The exact problem [...]