Chromosome Browser

The Chromosome Browser is a feature of our Family Finder autosomal DNA test. This tool allows you to view and compare the DNA segments that you share with your Family Finder matches.

Getting Started

Shared DNA [...]


ancientOrigins is a feature of our Family Finder test. This feature compares your autosomal DNA to DNA found at archaeological dig sites throughout the European continent.

With the inclusion of ancient artifacts found at each dig [...]

Family Finder – Family Matching Tool

In order to activate this feature, you must have linked at least one maternal and/or paternal match on your family tree. This step is required in order to enable the Family Matching sort tabs.
These instructions will [...]

Family Finder – Matches

Family Finder – Matches lists your autosomal DNA matches. The top section of the page allows you to filter your matches; the bottom section displays your Family Finder matches. If you wish to download your [...]

Family Finder – Family Matching System

Family Tree DNA has recently released Family Matching, an enhancement for our Family Finder customers.
The Family Matching feature assigns maternal or paternal icons to a customer’s match list based on phased matching to close relatives [...]

Family Finder – Linked Relationships Page

The Family Finder – Linked Relationships page is where you can view the known relationships of your Family Finder matches who have been linked on your Family Tree. Your known relationships are those that have [...]

Family Finder – Downloads

The Family Finder – Downloads page allows you to download files of your raw results and your Family Finder matches. Files in .CSV or .XML format can be opened using a spreadsheet program such as [...]

Advanced Matches

Advanced Matches allows you to compare genetic matching from multiple types of DNA tests: Family Finder, mtDNA, and Y-DNA, as well as filtering by X-matches. You may select filtering options in the filter (FILTER ADVANCED [...]

myOrigins Walkthrough

myOrigins is a feature of our Family Finder test. This feature provides you with a percentile breakdown of the Genetic Populations to which your autosomal DNA is connected. We refer to this as your ethnic makeup.

Note: You can [...]