DNA Processing Consent Form

The DNA Processing Consent Form is included in the FamilyTreeDNA sample collection kit. This [...]

DNA Test Kit Instructions

The FamilyTreeDNA test kit consists of two cotton swabs and two vials designed to [...]

After I return the kit, how long will results take?


Most of our tests typically take 6 to 8 weeks to complete from the [...]

I have ordered a test. How soon will my account show the test’s pending status?

The pending status and an estimated results date will be shown after your order [...]

You are rerunning my test. Does this mean I need to submit a new DNA sample?

In most cases, we will not need to request additional samples. This is only [...]

How do I order additional tests?

You may order additional tests or upgrades online through your myFTDNA account on the [...]

Will I get results through the mail?

No. Family Tree DNA is an online product. You can access your results through your myFTDNA [...]

How do I order a kit?

Once you have chosen a test, you can place your order through the Family [...]

Are you rerunning my results?

If it is more than a week past the target date without our posting [...]

May I test the DNA of a child? Is there a minimum testing age?

You must be at least 18 years of age to participate or otherwise provide [...]

What are weekly test batches? When do batches close?

Family Tree DNA processes order payments and kits transitioning to our laboratory in weekly [...]

When I order an upgrade, do you need a new sample? How will I know if you are sending a new kit?

Most of the time, the DNA extracted from your original test kit is enough [...]

I lost my kit. What do I do?

Should you accidentally misplace or destroy your kit, please use our contact form to submit [...]

I know that the group administrator for a project has violated the GAP Guidelines. Who do I tell?

If you discover that a group administrator or co-administrator has violated the GAP Guidelines [...]

I have been sick. Will this affect the sample?

Most illnesses will not affect your DNA and therefore will not affect your ability [...]

Where do you upload (post) my results? How will I know when you upload them?

Once the results of your tests are complete, we will upload them to your [...]

Why aren’t my results back? What has caused the delay?

If it is more than a week past the target date without your results [...]

Why are you rerunning my results?

We will run your sample again if the first test does not provide clear [...]