The Family Tree DNA test kit consists of two cotton ‘toothed’ swab kits – designed for a single person’s use. Each tube contains a fluid designed to arrest bacteria growth, so you can scrape your cheek and return your kit in any type of weather (hot or cold). The freshness of your sample will remain intact for months. Remember, a good scrape produces lots of DNA.

Your kit also includes instructions for collecting your DNA sample (available in many languages) and the all important Release Form. The Release Form is your written consent that allows FTDNA to share your name and email address with someone who matches your genetic fingerprint exactly. The order form shown in the video is only provided to kits that are purchased from a genealogy event or conference and is not needed for kits purchased directly from our website.

Return your sample kit in the self-addressed envelope provided, and send it back to Family Tree DNA.

DNA Testing Video Instructions

DNA Testing Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Opening the FTDNA test kit.A kit is for use by one person. We have supplied 2 swabs and collection tubes to insure accuracy.
  2. Step 2 of using the FTDNA DNA Test KitThe number on your tube should correspond to the number on your Release Form and the plastic bag.
  3. step3With clean hands, carefully open the plastic wrapper without damaging the scraper. Keep the plastic bag that has your kit number to put the tubes back after the collection.
  4. step4Using one cheek scraper, scrape forcefully inside one cheek many times (about 60 seconds). A great scrape gives us a great sample! A weak scrape will yield less DNA and may cause several weeks delay. The sensation of using our scraper is like brushing the inside of your cheek with your toothbrush. We recommend you swab first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth, eating, drinking, or putting in your dentures.
  5. step5Remove the small specimen tube marked with your kit number. Unscrew the top and gently push on the plunger at the top of the applicator stick, ejecting the scraper into the tube, just under the soapy solution. (Please do not jam the scraper to the bottom of the tube…it is difficult to retrieve)!
  6. step6Remove the plastic applicator handle, leaving the scraper tip in the tube. Twist the cap onto the tube securely. The tube must be shut tightly to insure the quality of your sample. The tube with the scraper tip inside should be left at room temperature. However, it will not be harmed by winter or summer temperatures when sent by regular mail.
  7. step7Repeat steps 4 to 6 for the second scraper on the other check. 
  8. step8Put the tubes inside the plastic bag that has your kit number and seal it. Insert the plastic bag and the release form in the self-addressed envelope provided, and send it back to Family Tree DNA. If payment has not yet been made, please make sure to write the Kit AND Invoice numbers on the check. This will ensure that payment is correctly assigned to your order.