myGroups (Beta) Walkthrough

Welcome to our myGroups Beta!  myGroups is an exciting new feature that allows our group members [...]

How many projects can I join?

We do not restrict the number of projects a customer can join; however, it [...]

How do I contribute to a group project’s general fund?

Anyone may contribute to a group project’s general fund. To do so:

Go to the [...]

How do I start a Group Project?

If you would like to start a Group Project, please fill out the project [...]

How can I participate in a project?

If you have not tested before, select the project you wish to join, either [...]

How does project participation affect my privacy?

Joining a project does expose some identifying information about you to the project volunteer [...]

Will participating in a project limit my matches? Will I still be able to match against the entire database?

Project participation will not automatically limit your ability to discover matches in the entire [...]

Why should I participate in a project?

Projects are designed to help individuals who may have similar ancestry connect with one [...]

Why am I being asked to fill out a Join Request?

The administrator has chosen to require approval for participation in the group project. You [...]

What if my surname or region is not listed?

As people moved from place to place, surnames evolved into different spellings. When searching [...]

What happens to my results if I decide to leave a project?

Your results are not affected by project participation or by the decision not to [...]

How do I join or remove myself from a project once I’ve received my results?

Once your results are posted online, you will be able to join or remove [...]

What is the cost to join or test in a project?

There is no cost to join a project. In fact, there is a group [...]

Who are the Group Administrators of projects?

The Family Tree DNA Group Administrators (a.k.a. Project Administrators) are unpaid volunteers who have [...]

What is a Haplogroup Project?

Family Tree DNA’s Haplogroup Projects provide a place for individuals with the same haplogroup [...]

What is a Maternal (mtDNA) Lineage Project?

Maternal (mtDNA) Lineage Projects are for those who wish to prove a connection to [...]

What is a Geographic Project?

A Geographic Project connects individuals whose direct line comes from a specific location. The [...]

What is a Surname Project?

A Surname Project studies the different Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) lineages associated with a surname [...]

What are Family Tree DNA Group Projects? Do you charge money to run or belong to one?

At Family Tree DNA, our Group Projects are for genealogy and history fans. They [...]

What is a group project?

Group projects are an opportunity to work with others to explore your genetic heritage. [...]