What are the possible relationships for a Family Finder match?

Our Family Finder test has four primary categories of matches:  Immediate, Close, Distant, and [...]

Who is the best person to test?

One of the great things about the Family Finder test is that often the [...]

I have many Family Finder matches in the “4th – remote cousin” and “5th – remote cousin” ranges. I cannot find the connection. Are these false positives?

These matches are in the Speculative Relationship category. Their quality should be taken as [...]

In the past, you have said that autosomal DNA cannot be used for genealogy. What has changed?

Genetics and genetic tests are rapidly changing fields. Two of the changes are that [...]

If I already have an autosomal DNA test, can I use those results for the Family Finder?

In most cases, the answer is no. This is because the technology and resolution [...]

Is the Family Finder test like traditional autosomal siblingship tests?

Both the Family Finder and traditional autosomal siblingship tests use your autosomal DNA and [...]

What is the probability that my relative and I share enough DNA for Family Finder to detect?

If your relationship is within recent generations (2nd cousins or more recent relatives), Family [...]

Why aren’t the Family Finder videos working for me?

There is a problem with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) that prevents some people from [...]

What percentage of our common ancestors’ DNA do I share with my cousin?

In general, you share an average of 50% less DNA with an ancestor with [...]

I have multiple family members who have joined Family Tree DNA. Why does the same cousin get different relationship ranges for each of us?

The Family Finder program bases the relationship range on individual calculations between two sets [...]

I know that my cousin has tested. Why isn’t this cousin on my Family Finder match list?

The more generations there are between you and your cousin’s common ancestor, the more [...]

Why aren’t my Family Finder matches in the same haplogroup?

Family Finder tests for matches to any of your ancestral lines. Your mitochondrial DNA [...]

I have tested my husband, our child, and myself. Why does our child have matches that neither parent has?

It is possible for a child to have matches that their parents do not [...]

Where are the centromeres located on each autosomal chromosome?

We are using the start and stop points shown below for each centromere. These [...]

May I download my Family Finder raw data?

Yes. Family Tree DNA makes the raw results file from your Family Finder test [...]

Is the Family Finder test medical?

No. Family Tree DNA does not sell clinical or diagnostic tests. Our tests are [...]

Is everyone on my Family Finder list my relative?

The Family Finder program has calculated all of your matches to be your relatives [...]

If I have already taken Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) tests, why do I need the Family Finder test? What will I learn from Family Finder testing?

The Family Finder test adds to the information provided by Y-chromosome DNA and mitochondrial DNA [...]