What does pseudonymized mean to me?

Pseudonymization is a form of data masking that makes it more difficult for your data to be misused.

We mask the personal identifying information that is shared with any [...]

What is different about the STR markers DYS389I and DYS389II? Why is my DYS389II (DYS389-2) result at Family Tree DNA different from the Genographic Project?

The Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) marker DYS389 is a single STR marker that has four parts: m, n, p, and q.

At Family Tree DNA, we have [...]

How to Access Your MyHeritage Kit Number

The following describes how to access your MyHeritage kit number:

Navigate to the MyHeritage.com website homepage.
In the upper-right corner of the homepage, click Log [...]

myOrigins – Undetermined Region

Once you receive your Family Finder results, you might see that your myOrigins ethnic makeup includes an Undetermined Region result.

What does my Undetermined Region result [...]