FamilyTreeDNA is the pioneer and the world's most comprehensive DNA testing company in the new field of genetic genealogy.

Your ancestors left clues in your DNA which you can use to determine your deep ancestral origins. We can compare your results with our database - the largest of its kind in the world - and tell you whether those clues indicate Native American ancestry.

DNA testing can show:

  • if two people are related
  • your suggested geographic origins
  • if you could be of Native American ancestry
  • your deep ancestral ethnic origins
About The Tests
  • Order Now Starting at $79.00Y-DNA - Universal Male Test

    Males can test their Y-DNA to determine the origin of their paternal line. Note that the Y-DNA test strictly checks the paternal line, with no influence from any females along that line. Females do not receive Y-DNA, and therefore females cannot be tested for the paternal line. If you are a female and would like to know about your paternal line, you would need to have a brother or a male relative from that line tested.

  • Order Now Only $119.00mtDNA - Universal Female Test

    Both males and females can test their mtDNA to determine the origin of their maternal line. Note that the mtDNA strictly checks the maternal line, with no influence from any males along that line. Men and women both receive their mtDNA from their mother.

  • Order Now $39.00Family Finder

    For males and females. The Family Finder Test helps you find family across all your lines, up to 6 generations back, by checking hundreds of thousands of points in your autosomal DNA, and comparing your results with others in the Family Finder database.