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About us

In the world of today many surnames are now Sons of Aodh. Created as a Genetic Genealogy study project to allow yDNA results to build groups of related males of ancient ancestry. From the present day of surnames and paper trails and going back to surnames adopted from various sources but yet showing kinship by yDNA results to a time when males used the surnames of their landlords and clan leaders or adopted surnames of locations, landmarks, famous people; and, often recorded by the person taking information based on a language different than the tenant or lease holder giving the information. Of special interest, all surnames of FTDNA members showing roots back to and from "SouthWest Scotland" and to and from Ulster and Northern Ireland. Searching for clues to a much earlier period in Ireland in the time before surnames when Haplogroup R M222+ may prevail in many of our results. We invite FTDNA members interested and still looking for your "place" to join. Membership is easily added and changed and one may belong to numerous FTDNA projects at the same time. In fact, it is recommended to join various FTDNA projects to assist research efforts of various areas, clans, haplogroups, SNP research projects and surname projects.