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About us

Updated 20 February 2015

Use the menu bar to the side of the project page to navigate to any page of the project website.  To post to the forum ("Activity Feed"), make sure you are signed in as a member. But you will not be able to invite members to join in - any new member must first join the project.  (mtDNA;  Y-DNA;  atDNA makes no difference).

Updated 3 August 2014

The background of the SCOT (or SCOTT) main-line family is undergoing review.  This is because I have received further information that appears to indicate that the findings ascribed to Sir Walter SCOTT (of Abbotsford) are incorrect re Uchtred Filius SCOTT.  I have yet to finish my deliberations and reach a conclusion.

Use the menu bar (including the drop-down menus) across the top of the project page to navigate to any page of the project website.

Surname DNA testing is the the best "add-on" tool available to genealogists!  The many advantages include:-

  • Surname tests (Y-DNA) enable genealogists to verify their father's father's...father's paternal ancestry.  (The molecular (aka genetic) ancestry overrides the surname ancestry).
  • Molecular ancestry information can be very powerful when combined with traditional paper trails and can uncover family secrets!

This project is keen for people from the United Kingdom, all the countries of Western Europe (which have strong numbers of SCOTTs and similar spellings), Northern and Eastern Europe, the United States of America, Canada, the Caribbean, South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa (and anywhere else I have missed when I considered the countries in which the surname exists...) to please join it.

Like all surname projects, this one is intent upon proving connections using DNA.  But it is NOT just surname ancestry.  It is molecular (or as some prefer it, genetic) ancestry.

The best articles I have found to date for understanding just what 'DNA' is and how the results of testing can help you with your genealogy.

Here is a hint for you if you have tested FF.

Once you (or anyone) joins a project, you can go to your FTDNA Home Page and hover your mouse over the FF Drop-down menu visible in the blue tool bar. Then select  "Advanced Matches" from that menu. Check FF and select whether you want to see your matches in either the full data base, or just in the specific projects that you have joined.

Because it is a pain switching from one window to another, I have three browsers, so that I can get the same person’s Home page up showing different reports for the same tester all at the same time.

If you are reading this, then it is assumed you are hunting for details about your ancestors and extending your knowledge about your particular line.

DNA testing will certainly aid you in a number of ways but you must still have a paper trail if you want to name that ancestor when you find you have a match! 
DNA testing will also inform you whether your paper trail is correct.  (My favourite 'hobby-horse' is to tell you not to rely on the work of someone else UNLESS they have supplied you with references to enable you to check these for yourself).

Was your family descended from one of the ancient lines of Scotland - irrespective of surname used at the time? 
Might they have been of the ancient family known as Scotti of the countries associated with Italy?

Or were they of the more recent Scottish Border families (many of whose families were loosely known as 'Border Reivers')? 
(The map below gives an idea of the main families of that era and that area.  If you think you may be of the Border clan, please consider joining the Border Reiver Geographical Project).

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Updated 20 April 2013

The whole project is under reconstruction.  It may take me some months to complete.

It was begun by Charlie SCOTT many years ago.  (Thank you Charlie).
However, he has now handed it over to me, so I have inherited a huge legacy and hope to do him proud.

I am Gail Riddell, your new administrator and you can contact me at

The SCOTT Surname Project is open to all persons (whether male or female) from any part of the world and who bear the surname SCOTT.

The project is focussed on the results of men testing their short tandem repeats  (STRs) on their Y Chromosome, sometimes called Y-DNA.  
(To partake in this aspect of the project, the men must test their Y chromosome).
Although there is nothing wrong with testing Y-12 (and may even be recommended in some situations), usually, I can do nothing with such results unless you forewarn me as to why you are testing.

My preference is Y-67, because this enables me to clearly establish which category (which family) your paternal line belongs.
It also enables me to run numerous calculations across the group (into which I place you) and provide further information.

Because women do not have a Y chromosome, they can test their autosomes (also recommended for men) and join this project.  These results are not publicly displayed in the project, but I am seeking a way that I can do this whilst maintaining your privacy.

I look forward to hearing from you when you are able.

Abbotsford was the home of Sir Walter Scott.
The Abbotsford Trust is raising the money to breath new life into this extraordinary building
- the home of one of Scotland's most influential writers - and the historic treasures it contains. 

For more information about Abbotsford and Sir Walter Scott, please visit: