Dutch Roose / Roosa

including those whose surname Anglicized to ROSE
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The groups below were formed by the previous administration of the ROSE surname project and placed there.  Since then, this ROOS/ROOSE/ROOSA has been created, but their original listing is preserved here for those who remember the old groups.  All members of these groups were removed from the ROSE project and invited to join this project.

                                                           Group T

Aldert Roosa from the "Bontekoe", Holland, 1660 to Ulster Co., NY

• Aldert Roosa b. ca 1620 (m. Wintjie DeJongh), Holland

• Gijsbert Geurts Roosa b. ca 1550 (m. M. Dircksen)

• Gilbert Roosa b. ca 1794 (m. Margaret Beatty), Ulster Co., NY

• John Rose b. 1740 (m. 1LucyBoardman, 2Katherine Wheeler), CT to Broome Co., NY

• William Rose b. 1796, Montgomery & Saratoga Cos., NY

• Allen Theodore Rose b. 1849 (m. Elizabeth Jones), NY to Union Co., IA

• Ara Rose b. ca 1755 (m. Margaret Simons), Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., NY

• William Rose b. ca 1826 (m. Fanny), NY

• Peter Rose b. 1788 (m. Christina Bongard), Ontario, Canada

• Elisha Rose b. 1744 (m. Rebecca Hubbel), Ontario Co., NY

                                                                Group T1

Family of Johannes Roosa (descended of Aldert Roosa, above)

        • Johannes Roosa b. 1742 (m. Elizabeth Masten)

                                                                Group T2

Samuel Rose of Dutchess Co., NY & Bennington Co., VT (also descended of Aldert Roosa)

• Samuel Rose b. 1725 (m. Sarah Reynolds), NY/VT