Dutch Roose / Roosa

including those whose surname Anglicized to ROSE
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About us

2005 June:  The first kit has been ordered, and returned to FTDNA for processing.
2005 July:  Two additional kits have been ordered.
Undated:  FLASH! To maximize the opportunity for discovery of matches, the Roose DNA Project has been merged with the Rose DNA Project. Please consult the Rose DNA Project for more information.

2017 Feb 21:  Diana Gale Matthiesen adopted the ROSE Y-DNA surname project and began removing non-ROSE surnames.
2017 Mar 16:  Diana Gale Matthiesen adopted the abandoned ROOSE Project, which will now focus on Dutch ROOSE, ROOSA, and variations.  Those whose Dutch ROOSE, ROOSA, etc. surnames have been Anglicized to ROSE will be returned here, to the project of their origin.