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Question. Does the report conducted by Mr Maglio prove a Danish or South Baltic origin for this SNP type. ?

Answer. Unfortunately, No, the report was initiated based on a small group of similar 37 STR samples patterns, across an untested spectrum of SNP group's, so has no scientific basis for establishing a relationship to any particular individual group here or elsewhere. Str matches outside of a Genealogical timeframe can not be relied upon and are subject to "Convergence" where nearby Snp branches of the y Tree carry similar Str patterns down separate lines. Moreover only small traces of this SNP type have been found in Germanic areas (Scandinavian), more samples being found in the British Isles, Germany and Belgium.

Question. What is the Best Test for me to take to benefit my own research and further expand this project.

Answer. BIGY  !!! The results can be analysed and positioned on the SNP yTree further submission to yFULL can cross check results and reveal over 400 STR results. Private SNP's discovered by this process are held and future branches added to the tree when later matching samples are tested and revealed.

Question. What does the prefix before the kit number mean. ?

Answer. This lets us know which previous testing company the member came from. Here is a list: (1) A = those who test with African DNA. (2) B = those who transfer results through a lab transfer program such as Ancestry.com, GeneTree, etc. (3) E = those who test with iGenea, a European associate of FTDNA (4) M = those who test with Middle East associate. (5) N = those who test with and transfer from National Geographic. (5) H = those who transfer from DNA Heritage (6) U = those who test at UK associates of FTDNA.  V = the testers via the Jewish organisation. Source: Bennett Greenspan on 4/30/2012.