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About us

The R1b-41-1123 Project is designed to collect data on and conduct research into the origins of the Short Tandem Repeat haplotype cluster 41-1123, which is characterized by the following marker values: 390=23; 385=11-11; 447<=24; 464b=16; 534<=14; 413a<=22. The following values are also usually found in the cluster but not always: 458=16 and 439<=11.

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Testing

If you can order Family Tree DNA's Big Y test, please do so. Big Y results will help us learn more about our cluster and our shared ancestry, including what SNPs we share with other cluster members and how we differ from each other, if we do.

The members of this cluster who have tested for the SNP DF41 (also known as S524 and CTS6581) have all been DF41+. Those who have tested for the SNP CTS2501 (also known as S836) have all been CTS2501+, as well. The position of CTS2501 relative to DF41 is not yet known, but they are two distinct SNPs and not equivalent or synonymous. 

DF41 is downstream of DF13, which is downstream of L21 (L21>DF13>DF41). 

Update (16 Sep 2015): Three of our members now have Big Y results. See Alex Williamson's "The Big Tree": http://www.ytree.net/DisplayTree.php?blockID=7

Family Tree DNA has decided to use the recently discovered SNP BY166 (
08487637T>G), also known as Z18021, as the terminal SNP for these three members. 


See also
the ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy) R Tree:  http://www.isogg.org/tree/ISOGG_HapgrpR.html

Who can join?

If you are a Family Tree DNA customer and have y-dna STR test results with the marker values described above, or most of them, and/or a match to one or more of the members of the project at 67 or more markers, you are eligible to join the R1b-41-1123 Project.

We strongly recommend you order the test for the SNP BY166 and upgrade your haplotype to 111 markers, if you have not already done so.

The BY166 test can be ordered from Family Tree DNA's Advanced Tests menu for $39 as follows:

1. Go to your myFTDNA pages.

2. Click on "Upgrade" in the upper right.

3. Click on "Order an Advanced Test" under the heading "Advanced Tests".

4. Find the "Test Type" box and choose "SNP" from the drop-down menu.

5. Type BY166 in the box on the right and click the orange "Find" button.

6. BY166 will come up at the bottom of the screen for $39. Click "Add".

7. Click "Next" and complete the fields to order the test.

If you can join the R1b-41-1123 Project, you should also join the R-DF41 and Subclades Project and the R L21 and Subclades Project at the following links: