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About us

R-L617 is a project for those persons having the Y-DNA SNP L617. This is in R1b haplogroup, below the SNPs DF27, and Z2552. L617 may have occurred between about 3,800 and 3,200 years ago, and it possibly occurred in Iberia. It is found in families from Iberia, England, Netherlands, and Poland, but as more people test for L617, it will likely be found in wider areas. It appears that it started spreading around Europe about 3,000 years ago in the Bronze Age. So far those English and Netherland families with L617 also have the SNP FGC14951, but families in Iberia and Poland don't. There has been more testing in England, and we have identified old clusters of L617 in Cornwall, Staffordshire and Cheshire, and Northumberland. In the past 1,000 years at least, L617 has spread out from these areas. It is hoped that everyone with L617 will join the R-L617 project, as this helps us to research the origins and distribution. They are also encouraged to join the R-DF27 project, as it helps to spread awareness of L617 as a subclade. We hope to link all L617s in an accurate family tree, which can be constructed using the SNPs found in different branches. These branch SNPs are mostly found by testing a representative selection of L617s with the FTDNA BigY test. Some of these branch SNPs can be tested as individual marker tests. At the date of starting the R-L617 project, 30 Sept 2015, we have already tested more than 15 L617s on BigY, and have already identified a number of branch SNPs. There is some information about L617 at the web page at . The Project Administrator John Marsh, 26 Higcrest Heights, Christchurch 8025, NEW ZEALAND welcomes any inquiry about L617, and is particularly keen to hear from any persons who are found to have the mutation L617. Sometimes the SNP is described as L617+ for those who have tested positive for it. If they have tested negative, ie do not have the SNP, it is reported as L617-. John Marsh. Sent from my iPad