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R-M173>P25>M343>V88/PF6289>FGC21056>FGC21009>FGC21039>FGC21003>FGC21005>FGC20980 IF YOUR TERMINAL SNP IS R-M269 DO NOT JOIN THIS GROUP!! DO NOT JOIN IF YOUR PRIVACY SETTINGS ARE "GROUP ONLY"!! This project is a combination of a haplogroup project and a DNA Project. The FGC20980 SNP occurred around the 9th Century C.E. So in the future we hope to find men with deep lineages who can help us connect our DNA/phylogenic tree to their paper trail. Our common ancestor was definitely Jewish, but it does appear that we also have men who lived in Spain or Portugal prior to the 14th and 15th Century who also share our SNP. So we also welcome our Spanish, Portuguese, and even South American cousins. This project is open to all men who have done a Y-DNA test and have either tested or are presumed positive for the R1b-FGC20980 SNP. This may appear as your terminal SNP or you may see it as the terminal SNP for some of your matches. PLEASE CHECK YOUR MATCH LIST BEFORE REQUESTING TO JOIN AND MAKE SURE THAT AT LEAST ONE OF YOUR MATCHES IS showing a terminal SNP assignment of either FGC20970, FGC20973, FGC20980, or FGC21060 I will also welcome anyone who has the V88 SNP (or has V88 matches) on a temporary basis. Because this project is presently the only one that is downstream of V88, I am willing to help other groups get on their feet so they can start their own project. I am especially interested in adding more of our Arab cousins who share FGC20973/FGC21005. Our connection to them is very distant, but it's important to work together in order to learn more about the origin of our branch. If you have not done any SNP testing, your terminal SNP may be; M173 P25, M343 or PF6289. All of these are SNPs that occurred ≥ 7000 years ago and you have hundreds of SNPs that occurred AFTER them. So if you have one of these SNP assigment and DO NOT see any one with a terminal SNP of V88 on your match list, or are a member of an R1b haplogroup project and haven't been clustered with V88, DO NOT JOIN THIS PROJECT! So if you're in doubt, please contact a project administrator before joining. NONE OF OUR MEMBERS ARE POSITIVE FOR M269, SO DO NOT JOIN IF THIS IS YOUR SNP!! Also, DO NOT JOIN unless you are willing to change your group privacy settings to either Limited Access or Full Access. An administrator is unable to sort you, view your match list or even send you an email. So you will be deleted. We are a subset of the R1b Basal Project. By joining this project you are giving us permission to add you to this Project. If you do not wish to be a member, please either let us know at the time you join, or you can easily remove your self from the project.