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The R-FGC20747 Project will explore the migration history of all the generations of men who have descended from a common male ancestor whose Y-DNA carried the mutation (SNP, or Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) recently identified as R-FGC20747. This is not a medically-significant SNP as far as we know, but just a change of one letter in the Y-chromosome the R-FGC20747 ancestor’s father passed on to him, differentiating him from his ancestors and his brothers, and which, in turn, he passed on to his sons. Each of his living male descendants still carries this SNP in his Y-chromosome. The original R-FGC20747 ancestor has been estimated to have lived sometime between 3,300 and 5,500 years ago, but this estimate is based on a small number of men being tested, so that estimate could change when we have more data. 

This R-FGC20747 ancestor's ancestors were already part of a group descended from someone who had the mutation called R-DF27, who was a descendant of an earlier ancestor who was the founder of the group R1b. The latest scientific literature points to a western migration of R1b males into Europe from the Russian steppe around the time of the Bronze Age (about 5,000 years ago). In modern times, the densest concentration of men who belong to the R-DF27 haplogroup live in the Iberian Peninsula.

A10500, A10503, A10928, A11751, A11752, A11753, A11754, A9509, A9510, A9700, CTS1643, DF27, F11468/Y20157, FGC20747,FGC20748, FGC20749, FGC20750, FGC20751/V2240, FGC20752, FGC20753/V3476, FGC20754,FGC20755, FGC20756, FGC20758, FGC20759, FGC20760, FGC20761, FGC20762, FGC20763/V3496,FGC20764/V3505, FGC20765, FGC20766, FGC20767, FGC20769, FGC20770, FGC20771, FGC20816,FGC20819, FGC20821, FGC32545, FGC32547, FGC32548, FGC32550, S1327, S1333, S1338,S1341, S4232/CTS11005, S4233/CTS11087, S4234/CTS7204, S4236, S4238, Y16482, Y17444,Y17445, Y17446, Y17758, Y17759, Y17760, Y17761, Y17762, Y17763, Y17764, Y17765,Y17766, Y17767, Y17768, Y17769, Y17770, Y17771, Y17772, Y17773, Y17774, Y17775,Y17776, Y17777, Y17778, Y17779, Y17780, Y17781, Y17782, Y17783, Y17784, Y17785,Y19740, Y19741, Y19906, Y20148, Y20149, Y20150, Y20151, Y20153, Y20154, Y20155,Y20156, Y20158, Y4865, Y4866, Y4867, Y4868, YP4942, Z16828, Z1897, Z1899, ZZ57

If you are a close STR match with anyone who has one of the terminal SNPs above, please get in touch with us.