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R1b-BY250-Northern Germanic

R1b Sub-Clade BY251 plus specific R1b sub-clades in Corded Ware area
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About us

Our focus is tracing our Genealogical, Geographical and Genetic ancestors path from R1b Sub-Clade BY251 to the Northern Germanic Tribes to the Corded Ware Culture to the Yamnaya Culture.

The R1b BY250 Northern Germanic Project is a Research effort to identify individuals who have Genealogical, Geographical and Genetic connections to the Northern Germanic area.

In order for us to accomplish this we have to research information in all of these three ares of Research.


We need to have a full as possible Family Tree with history in the Northern Germanic area.


We need to have the locations of your ancestors to see if they point to a Northern Germanic area.


Paternal: Y-DNA Big-Y, STR 111 marker tests and be able to analyze the results.

Maternal: mt-DNA is not critical at this time, but for your own benefit, I would recommend FTDNA’s mt-DNA Full Maternal Sequence test (FMS)

Automosal  = FTDNA’s Family Finder. One of the connections in the research papers between the Yamnaya Culture to the Corded Ware Culture to the Northern Germanic area is a Automosal test with Ethnic Ancestry analysis.

In order to Join this Project:

You must be Y-DNA tested at FTDNA, either predicted or confirmed to be in R1b Haplogroup, no exceptions.

We would prefer you to be either predicted or confirmed in Sub-Clade R-BY251 or below. We will allow some other R1b Sub-Clade’s, with restrictions.

Within a reasonable time of joining this project you must take or update to STR 111 markers and Big-Y test. Depending on our research, take or update DNA tests and/or analysis.

Contribute to our research effort.