R1b-BY250-Northern Germanic

R1b Sub-Clade BY250 plus specific R1b sub-clades in Corded Ware area
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About us

Our focus is tracing our Genealogical, Geographical and Genetic ancestors path from R1b Sub-Clade BY250 PLUS (which means others like R-Y5587) to the Northern Germanic area to the Corded Ware Culture to the Yamnaya Culture. The Northern Germanic in this context means ancient origin i.e. Corded Ware Culture which spread throughout Northern Europe. Afterward, 300AD, the migration period started, which spread them further though out Europe. We are trying to discover some of their migration paths I was reading the Wikipedia - Yamnaya Culture site. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamna_culture and noticed this animated Yamnaya migration map https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:IE-migrations.gif Now the map is labeled “IE - Migrations”, but it all starts with the Yamnaya Culture. I thought that the Yamanya migrations were all to Western Europe, but this map implies that there were migrations to the South and to the East. This may explain some of the predicted or confirmed members of R-BY250. Although most of the men in R-BY250 are from Western Europe, there are some members from Eastern Europe. The TMRCA for R-BY250 has now been pushed back to 4500 ypb, which fits in within the late Yamnaya Culture 5,500 ybp – 4,300 ybp. So some of are R-BY250 members may have ancestors from Eastern Europe.