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L19 Project

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Our group of Genetic Genealogists is dedicated to identifying our common heritage and rapid migratory pattern during the period of the expansion of the Roman Empire into the Iberian Peninsula, Germania Superior/Italy and the Peak District, England which generated a genetic cluster in the larger E Haplogroup; the E1b1b1b* A. Our group actively uses both traditional and genetic genealogy in the endeavor to understand this genetic cluster, however it is genetics that has brought us together and has given us our connections. Many of our members are vigorously pursuing their roots in each of our geographic centers with the hope of discovering ancestral paths to our common ancestors.

We utilize FamilyTreeDNA for testing our haplotypes.  If you are interested in joining in on this journey and you have tested with a company other than FTDNA.com, please contact one of our administrators so that we can work with you to add your haplotype to our project’s website. Many within our group are active contributors to the http://www.haplozone.net community and seek to utilize phylogeny (the equivalent of Family Trees in genetics) in our endeavors. However we know that the non-genetic traditional and historical research is an equal, if not more important, part of any conclusions we make in regards to our genealogy. Ultimately, DNA provides us a direction, but traditional genealogy is the proof we seek for our relationships.

The members of our project are joined by a common SNP mutation called L-19 A. However, you do not need to know if you have this mutation to join. Simply, contact one of the group administrators and we can identify if you are at this time a good fit within our group. Subsequent testing may prove or disprove this initial assumption.  Although we have a list of surnames which we currently know to have the L19-A SNP, this list is limited. So please do not let the surname list discourage you from inquiring. We also encourage you to join the E3b project at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/E3b/ if you have tested and E signifies your Haplogroup. We wish you great success in your research!