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Mitochondrial haplogroup B is one of the four major matrilinear Native American lineages. However, it is also the only mitochondrial haplogroup whose distribution encompasses both sides of the Pacific Ocean: the Americas, Polynesia, the Philippines, Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, and has even been found in Madagascar. Just what is the connection between the peoples of the Americas and those of Oceania? Was America also populated from Southeast Asia via the Pacific Isles; in addition to the well-known migration from Asia across the Bering Strait? This project would like to collect and study ALL mitochondrial B results, regardless of in which country you currently live, or where your earliest known ancestor lived. Please join by clicking on "Request to Join this Group" in the upper left corner. In case you have yourself already tested via the Genographic Project, please log into your GP account, go to the section at the bottom of the page labeled "What else can I do with my Results?" and click on the "Learn More" Link to follow the simple instructions to establish an account at FamilyTreeDNA. Since FT-DNA does the DNA testing for the Genographic Project, opening an account with them so that you can study your DNA in more detail is the most logical thing to do. Notice: All Administrators of FT-DNA Projects are Volunteers and receive no Compensation or Incentives from Family Tree DNA.