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McAnallys descending from Charles born in 1685 alsodescend from a 5th century Irish warlord, Niall of the Nine Hostages.  TheCharles McAnally family is Celtic and evidence is increasing that theyoriginated in Ireland and Charles’ group migrated to become Lowland Scots.

The descendants of Charlesb. 1685 have a distant match to a McAnally in Scotland who believes his peoplewere previously in Ireland.

Descendants of  Elijah McAnally b 1756, grandson of  Charles McAnally b 1685carry the mutationvalue of 24” on marker DYS481 while the rest of the familyhas a “25”.

Family Finder testingagrees with the premise that John A McAnally b 1819 (a genetic Jackson)and Frances Marion McAnally b 1841 were half-brothers, sons of William b 1797& Nancy Poe McAnally b 1803, she being the common parent.