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The primary goal of this project is to develop a Y-DNA database of Luckey family members that will provide scientific evidence for male kinship identification. The intent of this project is not to limit the research to one geographical region, but to accept all those who share our name.

(1) Known Luckey immigration to the U.S. early 1700's:

 Robert Luckey Sr. birth date: approx. 1666, Londonderry Ireland ? He married Isabel Baird, date unknown. His will dated 13, Apr. 1754 list: wife Isabel, children: Hugh, John, Andrew, James, Sarah, Jane, Ann, Isabel, Mary, Agnes, Samuel and Robert. Will probated, 21, Nov. 1757 at Martic Township, Lancaster Co. PA.

There is a lot of discussion and questions on the web concerning this Robert Luckey Sr. I have not been able to find any bit of written evidence to link all of these speculations together other than a couple of generations. It appears many of the children of Robert & Isabel traveled from PA. down "The Great Wagon Road" south into, Virigina, North Carolina, Tenn. and Kentucky.

I would hope that with Y-DNA testing a pattern would develop that would allow us to combine our numerous bits of paperwork into a common history.

Anyone else that has another know migration of Luckey's or variations from Europe to other parts of the world, I will be glad to add it to this list. As I mentioned earlier we will not limit this project to one geographical region.

(2) Luckey families in Europe beginning around 1456:


Luckey – afamily from Waldeck

By WernerLuckey, translated in april 2009 from Tanja Luckey 

The roots of the family and the family-name Luckey are lying in the darkpast. The first written occurence is in a certificate of the 22th of feburary1456, and the text starts:

„We HenricusLuckey Probst (a person, howwasn’t a member of the abbey, but responsible for the financial details) of theabbey Aroldessen....“

(= today: Bad Arolsen in Waldeck). It follows the irrevocable Sold of abig estate in Gembeck for ten Gulden, it was sold to the abbey of Flechtdorf.  

Just some years later appears JohanLuckey, a „citizen and councillor“ of Volkmarsen, in a certificate from the15th july of 1486, 11th of july 1501 and 8th of march 1503. In the firstcertificate are listed that the the citizens of Volkmarsen became money from ainheritance. The council of Volkmarsen made a stamp on the certificate with thesignature of Johann Luckey. In the second certificate are swearing somehabitants of Volksmarsen to the Count of Waldeck the beginning of a feud, afterJohan Luckey helped them to release out of prison.

In the third certificate confirmed the Count Otto of Waldeck the Sold offarm land from Tilman Losen to Johan Luckey and lent him also a nearby piece ofland. Volkmarsen never belong­ed to Waldeck in the recent ages, but the Countowned there some estates/farms and the connections between Waldeck andVolksmarsen was very close. In some other certificates or Churchbooks ofVolkmarsen how started in the age of 1686, is no other occurence of the nameLuckey.

That the name Luckey has english or scotish roots are only suppositions.Its also not true that the name have his roots from the huguenots from france.The huguenots-wars started in the age 1562, at the was later than the firstoccurence of the name.  

The line from Waldeck

At this time the name Luckey appears in different areas of Waldeck:

TilikenLuckey, Wirminghausen,       Certificatefrom 4th of december 1540

HinrichLuckey, Alleringhausen        Certificatefrom 1541

Curtt Luckey, Adorf               Councilinvoice from the district of Eisenberg
                       1570/71 and1571/1572.

These villages are located in the area of Heringhausen, that is todaylocated at the new Diemeltal-Dam and is named Diemelsee-Heringhausen. The villagesupposed to be from ancient times from a frank royal court and is firstmentioned in the age 1023. In the year 1489 was listed the „ die dorffere undgerechtigkeit der herrschaff von Patberg“ (the village and the justice of thepower of Patberg), and in this case also Heringhausen.

The Counthouse of Waldeck bought later some rights in Heringhausen, butin the year of 1537 they had duty-salaries from there. The estates belonged atthat time to the habitants of Padberg and the abbey Bredelar.

At this time there were in Heringhausen some families with thefamily-name Luckey, and with a high probabilty, ist hat the villageHeringhausen is the origin of the family Luckey, and that they spread out fromthis area in others.

In the List of 1537 from the „Register of the estates in foreign areasand foreingn masters from the Hardinghausen (= Hering­hausen) are listed thefollowing names, how had to pay the lease to the abbey of Bredelar:

Johan,Luckey, Curd Luckey, Lorenz Luckey, Herman Luckey.

As well Curd as Lorenz Luckey owned estates in Padberg.

In january the first 1565 Johann Luckey had written a quest to the Countof Waldeck. He is also written in a certificate of 12th of march 1579 and thecouncil-invoices of the council Eisenberg in the years 1597, 1598 and 1599.

These council invoices of the council Eisenberg are showing in the years1570 up to 1599 the following names:

AdamLuckey, Bertha Luckey, Henrich Luckey, Engelbracht Luckey, Tewiß Luckey, BastLuckey, Curtt Luckey, Herman Luckey, Lorentz Luckey.

Bast Luckey is written ona certificate from the 15th of february 1575 (he is mentioned as a owner of apiece of land), Curtt Luckey as a „Ganzspann“ (a explanation for thisexpression you find at the end of the text) in the general inventory of theCount’s land in the year 1602 and Herman Luckey in a quest from 1591 as a „ In­wohnervon Hardinghausen (= Hering­hausen)“ habitant of Heringhausen.

Also, you can find Lorentz Luckey apart from the council invoices alsoin different other old documents:

1602 as a „Ganzspann“ in the inventory of thecountship of Waldeck

1608 as a church warden from the church

1609 he is mentioned in a letter from the 8th ofseptember as „who’s from Heringhausen“

16223 in the list „Treasures and salaries“ from thedepartment Eisenberg.

Also there are mentioned in the years 1623 up to 1699 in letters,certificates, „Treasures and salaries“, the list of estates, the list „Estatefrom foreigners in the department of Eisenberg“, in records of case, list ofland surveying and so on other people with the name Luckey. But there are noreally proofs that there are related to each other.

Also is mentioned that Jakob Luckey, who sold his „Halbspännergut“estate in Heringhausen (it’s written in the Saalbuch = Register of Estates ofthe year 1667) and left together with his wife Margarete (she came fromGoldhausen) Heringhausen on the 2nd april 1662. They both moved to Korbach anwas established as citizens of Korbach. About their son Franciscus Luckey, whowas baptized on the 18th april 1669 in Korbach, you can’t find anything more.

In the church of Heringhausen, which ist he oldest of the whole area,you can find on the churchbell the inscription „1674 Luckei“ engraved in the metall. Additionally youfind in the bench of the church the name of a placeholder, Sifrid Luckeyengraved in the wood, probably are the signs from the year 1623. (Comment fromTanja Luckey in 2009: Werner Luckey safed the church bench from the garbage, wheretheir was thrown, and today the bench is located in Niederwaroldern by thefamily of Werner Luckey.)

Although the oldest churchbook of Heringhausen started in 1664, is theName Luckey is not mentioned before the years 1671 and 1672, and than by thebaptism of the children of Johann Engelbracht Luckey at the 6th july 1671,Annamaria Gerdraut Luckey and at the 10th november 1672 Bernart Jost Luckei.

In the next following two centuries the name Luckey is often mentionedby childbirths and baptism, confirmation, weddings or deaths and funerals, mostin connection with the nearby villages of Stormbruch or Rhenegge. 


Relatives of Christian Luckey from Heringhausen, who lived 1869 inRonsdorf (today: Wupptertal-Ronsdorf), are living today in Barmen (today:Wuppertal-Barmen), Düsseldorf and Rodenkirchen by Cologne.

Since the end of the last century didn’t exist anymore people with thename Luckey in Heringhausen.

First time in Stormbruch is mentioned Herman Luckey in „Treasures andSalaries in the department of Eisenberg 1623“ also in the „Register of Estates1629. Probably he descent from Heringhausen, where at least 1591, 1597, 1598and 1599 a Herman Luckey was listed in the documents.

In the „Register of the department of Eisenberg 1662“ in Stormbruch thename Luckey was missed, but instead he was mentioned in the „Register ofEstates“ of the year 1697 as „Halb­spänner“ Franz Luckey and EngelbrachtLuckey, obviously father and son.

A reliable family tree only can only construct after Johann ConradLuckei (who was probably the son of Engelbracht), who was born in 1661 inStormbruch. His descendants are lived till the end of the 18th century inStormbruch, but after that, the name didn’t exist anymore in the village.

A son of Johann Conrad Luckei, his name was Johann Christoph Luckei, wasbaptised on the 11th november 1698 „at Stormbruch as past teacher“, ismentioned in a certificate of the 10th of november 1729.

Tree Rhenegge A

A grandson Johan Daniel Luckey, baptised on the 24th april 1740 inStormbruch, had mar­ried to Rhenegge and founded there the tree Rhenegge A,which was still located there up to the middle of the 19th century.

Over a grandson of Johan Daniel Luckey, his name was Hermann ChristophLukey is written in „Dimittirte“ (= parolee) to abroad 1832-1842

Übereinen Enkel von Johan Daniel Luckey, Hermann Christoph Lukey ist vermerktin „Dimittirte“ (= Entlassene) ins Ausland 1832-1842:

„1842 Number 59 Hermann Christian Luckey fromRhenegge“ and in „profane Dimis­siorales (=permission) and Reception“: „fromthe 2nd may 1842 .... (it’s not readable) royal gouvernment Number 1779clerical permission: certificate of baptism is issued.“

So circumstantial was the „Emigration“ from one part of germany toanother!

Herman Christoph Lukey founded a forwarder plus farm inSprockhövel/Westfalen, and after that he married and later he died in Barmen(toda: Wuppertal-Barmen). Descendants are still live today in Wuppertal.


Tree Rhenegge B

The Founder of tree Rhenegge B is Johann Mathias Luckey, who was bornroundabout 1736 probably in Rhenegge, because he was confirmed there in theyear 1752. He was soldier and „Mousketier“. His four children had a huge numberof descendants, who some of them had also the house-name „Turk“. 

Tree Rhenegge C

The third tree Rhenegge C is located in Padberg, where Johan BernardLuckey was baptised as catholic on the 23th january 1738. By his Wedding andthe birth of his children is various noted:

Born in Padberg, pontifico (=catholic), opilio(=shepherd), Shepherd of Rhenegge

He had married in 1762 in Heringhausen, because of his wife is born there.All their descen­dants are Protestants, they lead also the second name„Bühlschäfer“ and „Triftschäfer“. (Schäfer = Shepherd)

In other villages of Waldeck the name Luckey appeared also, sometimesonly once, some­times several times:

1623 in Helmighausen, 1626 in Gembeck, 1694 inWetterburg, 1706 in Helsen,
1725 in Landau, 1727 in Mühlhausen, 1765 in Sudeck.

Tree Mengeringhausen

Stronger spread is the family-name Luckey in Mengerinhausen, which hastwo trees of A and B. The tree Mengeringhausen A is first mentioned:

The shepherd Joan Luckey in the „MengeringhäusischSaal- und Stam Buch 1675“ „Register of Estates of Mengeringhausen 1675“. He isburied on the 29th february 1694 in Mengeringhausen.

Very important of his children are:

Johannes Luckey, baptised on the 14th may 1643, who is also listed in„Mengeringhäusisch Saal- und Stam Buch 1676“„Register of Estates ofMengeringhausen 1676“ and is called „Johann Luckey der Fromme“ „Johann Luckeythe Pious“. He got married with Elisabeth Criß on the 22th november 1664 inMengeringhausen as „Johan Luckei gen.from Johan“ „Johan Luckei called Pious Johan“.

They had nine children, of these Johann Sylvester Luckey established thetree 1 and Georg Luckey established the tree 2.

Johann Vester (Sylvester) Luckey is baptised on the 26th june 1685 inMengeringhausen and in the year 1700 confirmed. He is buried on the 2nd january1745 in Mengeringhausen. His first marriage, with Anna Gertrut Knebel fromHelsen married on the 10th february 1706, was very succesfull, they had sevenchildren. In his second marriage, with Anna Elisabet Schäffer married on the12th february 1727 in Mengeringhausen, was also very reproductive and they getalso seven children.

A son from the second marriage is Johann Philipp Luckey, whose birth-and baptism-date aren’t to locate, but Johann Philipp is confirmed on theDominica 3. Post Trinitatis (it’s the third sunday after Trinitatis) 1742 inMengeringhausen. In the years 1753 up to 1774 is he often mentioned as agodfather and is listed in:

„Register of the habitants of Mengerinhausen, which islisted what houses and land belonged to, and that the village Mengeringhausenis separated in to four slices. After 1756 2nd quarter“, from the Neustadt (newPart of village)

„Mengeringhausen Register of estates 1757 3rd cityquarter“

„Catastrum Statt Mengeringhausen 1757“ „Register fromcity Mengeringhausen 1757“

„Measurement from Mengeringhausen“ (in the middle ofthe 18th century)

He is buried on the 19th september 1777 in Mengeringhausen as the name„Kellerwirth“ (= publican of the restaurant under the town hall and member ofthe council/Councillor). Together with his wife Maria Catharina Saurwein, whohe married on the 17th february 1751 in Mengeringhausen, he had elefenchildren. One of his sons is Philipp Ludwig Lukkei, who was a soldier. At thefuneral of the son of Philipp Ludwig, Henrich Philipp Lukkei on the 23th april1788 in Mengeringhausen the pastor used the noticeable kind of writing of thename Luckey with double kk as „Lukkei.

Another son from Sylvester Luckey and Anna Elisabeth Schäffer isJohannes Friedrich Luckey, who was baptised on the 26th april 1737 andconfirmed on the Dominica 3rd Post Trinitatis 1750, both celebrities waslocated in Mengeringhausen. He is also listed in:

„Register of the habitants of Mengerinhausen, which islisted what houses and land belonged to, and that the village Mengeringhausenis separated in to four slices. After 1756 2nd quarter“

„Measurement from Mengeringhausen“ (in the middle ofthe 18th century) as Luqai

He was bricklayer and after that Braunschweiger Husar (= Hussar ofBraunschweig) in the „Major von Ebst Compagnie“ (= Major of Embst Company) andhe died on the 1st december 1794 in Beierstedt on „Lungensucht“ (= pneumonia,but I’m not sure). He got married on the 5th april 1763 in Osterwieck at thefoot of the Harz with Anne Maria Bomeyer, who was born in Osterwieck on the 2ndmai 1743 and died on the 25th december 1803 in Beierstedt on inanition.

In the ancient times the pastors wrote the names only after the hearing,there was the reason for that a lot of variant of spelling are exist. Not onlythe spelling with „kk“ and „qai“, but also the spelling with or without „c“,with „e“, „a“, with „y“ and with „i“. There are exist also the name with only „i“at the end, in fact by the son of Johannes Friedrich Luckey, who was calledJohannes Andreas Lucki.

He was born on the 15th december 1771 in Jerxheim, was stonecutter andprussian cuirassier (Cavallery, horseman in army) and he died on the 10thdecember 1822 in Jerx­heim on the „Brustkrankheit und Blutsturz“ (= heartattack and hemoptysis). He got married on the 3rd april 1796 in Jerxheim „beimRegiment“ (=at the regiment, at the army) with Louise Antoinette Elfroth, whowas born on the 288th june 1774 in Jerxheim. The spelling with „i“ at the endof the name is still exist by his descendants, also by his great-grandchildBernhard Carl Robert Lucki.

He was born on the 12th april 1891 in Wolfbenbüttel, was restaurateurfor paintings in Berlin lives together with his son Peter Andreas Lucki in thesame house in Hechingen.


Tree Mengeringhausen 2

From the tree Mengeringhausen 2 is Georg Philipp Luckey baptised on the2nd june 1689 in Mengeringhausen and than Palmarum 1703 confirmed. He is alsolisted in:

„Register of the habitants of Mengerinhausen, which islisted what houses and land belonged to, and that the village Mengeringhausenis separated in to four slices. After 1756 1st quarter“

„Measurement from Mengeringhausen“ (in the middle ofthe 18th century)

He was buried on the 12th december 1740 in Mengeringhausen. His secondwife, where is no name written from her is listed on the 6th may 1770 inMengeringhausen as „the wife of Georg Lukkei“. These spelling with „kk“ comesalso apparantly from the same pastor like the spelling or writing of PhilippLudwig or Henrich Philipp Lukkei.

Tree Mengeringhausen B

The tree of Mengeringhausen B is founded by Johan Luckei, who waspropably moved from another waldeck village to Mengeringhausen. He was firstlisted in:

„Mengeringhausen Register of Estates 1676“

He was buried on the 27th june 1712 in Mengeringhausen. He got marriedon the 25th june 1670 in Mengeringhausen with Elsa Hardwig. A note in themarriage-register it reads as followed: „ She had done Prostitution“. In factthe son Henrich Friedrich Luckei is baptised on the 9th october 1670 inMengeringhausen.

Another son is Anthon Friederich Luckey, who was baptised on the 25thfebruary 1684 in Mengeringhausen and later 1697 confirmed. He was cordmaker andmade leather belts and is at variant times mentionad as godfather. He was alsomentioned in:

„Mengeringhausen Register of Estates 1757 3rd Quarter“

„Measurement from Mengeringhausen“ (in the middle ofthe 18th century)

As heirs of A.F. Luqai, as Anthon Fried. Lukey,as Anthon Luckey, as ancestor of Theodor Lukey.

He is buried on the 11th november 1751 in Mengeringhausen as „Der AlteGörtler Luckey“ (= the old belt maker Luckey). He was married in the firstmarriage with Cathrin. Elis. Meyer, they both got married on the 14th january1711 in Mengeringhausen.

From this marriage, one of his children were Johann Theodor Luckey, whowas baptised on the 1st november 1711 in Mengeringhausen and Trinitatis 1724confirmed. Like his father he was called as „Görtler“ (=beltmaker) and masterand he is also mentioned as godfather. He was also listed in:

„Mengeringhausen Register of Estates 1757 3rd Quarter“

„Catastrum Register of Mengeringhausen 1757“

„Register of the habitants of Mengerinhausen, which islisted what houses and land belonged to, and that the village Mengeringhausenis separated into four slices. After 1756 2nd quarter, on the top street“

„Measurement from Mengeringhausen“ (in the middle ofthe 18th century)

His death is not listed. He got married on the 20th november 1741 inMengeringhausen with Catharina Eliesabeth Vogtin.

From there seven children and there descendants don’t exists anymore anamebearer in Mengeringhausen. A son of Johann Henrich Luckey, baptised on the9th june 1754 in Men­ge­ringhausen and confirmed on Dominica 6th PostTrinitatis 1767, moved to Wolfhagen. He worked as clothmaker andclothmaker-Master and died in Wolfhagen on the 29th july 1791. By the record inthe churchbook is written a note „bürtig aus Mengeringhausen“ (= born inMengeringhausen). He married on the 3rd october 1779 Anna Gertrud Demandin inWolf­hagen, she was the daughter of a stocking weaver. The families of therechildren and grand­childs had spread out and a part of there descendants arestill living today in Wolfhagen.

Tree of Twiste

Another village of Waldeck with really important relevance for thefamily Luckey is the village Twiste (today= Twistetal-Twiste). A detaileddescription of ist history gives the Book of Chronicle written by Wilhelm Emdewith the title „860-1960 – 1100 Years Twiste, the story of a village inWaldeck. Documentary first mentioned is the name Luckey in Twiste in aRequest-document, which was signed from some habitants of Twiste on the 7thoctober 1637, it was addressed to the Count Wolrad of Waldeck. The document wassigned also from Tewes Luckey. In the churchbooks of Twiste is Tobias Luckeyseveral times in the years 1641 up to 1672 mentioned as a visitor on the Lordssupper.

On the 24th february 1647 some habitants of Twiste wrote a request on theCountess Anna of Waldeck, they reported her that the „Wildungischen abermalsexekutiert“ (= the regiment of Wildungen had confiscate some things. They hadconfiscate par example from Teweß (= Clowes = today Claus) 1 horse and otherthings.

The book „Register of Estates“ from 1667 mentioned Tönies Luckey. On the17th after Trinitatis 1673 died Tobias Luckey in Twiste.

All people with the Name Luckey are the same person, because at thattime just only one person with the name Luckey existed in Twiste. Without anydoubt he or his ancestors were originated from Heringhausen, the reason forthat opinion is, that there are just only one per­son, which were called Teweß(Clowes =today: Claus) Luckey in Twiste and Heringhausen at that same time.

He was married with Adelheit, who Surame is not mentioned. In thechurchbook you can find her age as a note, and we guess, that she was much moreolder than her husband. She was born round about 1572, it could be that herhusband married her, to get the Owner of the farm. In the churchbooks she ismentioned in the years 1641 up to 1644 as visitor of Lords supper. She died inTwiste on the 18th december 1662 at the age of 90 years.

After her death Tobias Luckey married twice, his second wife was LückelKoch, the daughter of Hermann Koch. She is first mentioned 1672 as visitor ofLords supper and she died on the 7th january 1675 in Twiste.

The son of Tobias and Adelheit Luckey is called Claus Luckey, who wasborn roundabout 1631, comfirmed in Twiste in 1644 and mentioned as visitor ofLords supper in 1672. He is one of the four „Halbspänner“ in Twiste, which iswritten in the Register of Estates from 1667.

The Register from 1755 mentioned: „Ernst Illian, Halbspann, beforeHenricus Illian, before Claus Luckey“. He was married twice and the firstmarriage, which was closed on the 6th february 1654 in Twiste, with AnnaSchmidt. It’s written that she was visitor 1641 as Lords supper in Twiste anddied on the 14th february 1663 in Twiste. On the 22th february 1664 ClausLuckey married twice, his second wife was called Catharina Butterweck, thedaughter of Tönges Butterweck. She was born in 1634 and confirmed in Twiste in1654. In the year 1671 she is listed as godfather and mentioned in 1710 up to1712 as visitor of Lords supper. On the 6th november 1718 she is buried inTwiste as „relicta“ (=widow) at the age of 84 years.

Claus Luckey had together with Anna Schmidt four children, one of is hisson Johann Ulrich Luckey, who was baptized on the 4th after Trinitatis 1658 inTwiste. Johann Ulrich was mentioned on the 1st after Trinitatis 1683 aspenitent and was often listed as visitor of Lords supper. He is also mentionedas habitant of Twiste by the „Testamentarischen Übergabe des adeligen Hofes zuTwiste“ (= “testamentary handover of the aristocratic court of Twiste“) on the17th september 1715 and it is written in the Register of Estates of Twiste(without a year), that he is the owner of a „Vollspann-Guth“ (=Vollspann farm).He was buried on the 1st sunday after Trinitatis, the 27th may 1742 at the ageof 84 years in Twiste. He had married on the 1st of Trinitatis 1683 in Twiste,but the name of his wife is not listed.

From this marriage of Claus Luckey and Catharina Butterweck areoriginated eleven or twelve children, very important to mention are:

JohannAnthonius Luckey = Tree Niederwaroldern

JohannesLuckey = Tree Twiste 1

Probably also originated from this Marriage:

ConradHenrich Luckey = Tree Twiste 2.

They all three are the progenitor of the three trees, which areoriginated from Twiste. 

Tree Niederwaroldern

Johann Anthonius Luckey was born on the 20th after Trinitatis 1683 andbapitzed in Twiste, he was confirmed on the 31th march 1697. He is mentioned asvisitor of Lords supper in the church of Twiste in the years 1710, 1711 and1712. Between 1712 up to 1714 he had bought the half of a „Halbspann-Gut (=Halbspann-farm) from Heinrich Grebe in Niederwaroldern, and in the years 1714up to 1717 he was repeaedly together with his wife mentioned in the church ofNiederwaroldern as a „Kommunikant“ (= communicant). He is also listed asgodfather in the years 1702 and 1716 and also listed in the „Invoices of thedeparment Landau“ in the years 1716/1717 up to 1741/1742, in the „Invoices ofthe church Niederwarolern anno 1751“, and in the „Register of Estates ofNiederwaroldern in the year 1752“. He was mentioned because of he had to pay apart of the salary of the pastor with 24 Groschen (= Penny). Between 1742 and1752 he made a handover of the farm to his son Johann Henrich Luckey, after hehad married between 1712 and 1714 Maria Elisabeth, whose surname is unkown.

There son Johann Henrich Luckey was born in Niederwaroldern round about1724. Unfortunately at this time there is a big blank gap in the churchbooks.He was listed in the „Register of Estates of Niederwaroldern from 1752“ as thefourth Halbspann and in the „Invoices of church of Niederwaroldern“ in theyears 1752 up to 1778. In the year 1773 he had build a new house, which existstil 1921. Over the entrance door was located a wooden sign with the date of theconstruction of the house and the name of the builder. Johann Henrich Luckeydied on the 3rd of september 1804 in Niederwaroldern at the age of 80. He wasprobably married since 1752 (the exact time it’s difficult to show, because ofthe gaps in the churchbooks) with Anna Elisabeth Graff, who was born on the24th august 1727 in Niederwaroldern as the daughter of the judge Henrich Graff.The couple Luckey-Graf were grown up together as neighbour-children. ElisabethGraf died on the 13. Of september 1789 at the age of 62 years and less than 3weeks.

From their probably seven children, is the oldest one Maria CatharinaLuckey, at the age of three years, on the evening of the Ascenstion day, the27. May 1756 was drowned to death in the deep well behind the house.

The youngest child was: Johann Henrich Luckey, who was born inNiederwaroldern on the 19. June 1768 and was confirmed on the fourth sundayafter Trinitatis 1781. He was mentioned in the years 1784 up to 1799 severaltimes as God father and he died on the 28. February 1844 at the age of 75years, eight months and nine days. He was married twice: in the first marriage,closed on the 29. January 1790 with Maria Katharina Isenberg, who was born onthe 22 september 1765 in Twiste and died on the 11th of march 1806 in Nieder­waroldernat the age of 40 years, seven months and four weeks. His second marriage wasclosed with Maria Catharina Nebe, who was born on the 10th Juli 1780 inNieder-Ense and died on the 14th february 1847 in Niederwaroldern.

One of the six children of this second marriage is Georg ChristianFriedrich Luckey, who was born on the 23th october 1815 in Niederwaroldern andhad married on the 13th may 1870 in Nieder-Ense Henriette Louise Huge. She wasborn on the 14th september 1835 in Korbach.
Georg Luckey was mentioned as farmer in Nieder-Ense and died on the 7th of mayin Korbach. His daughter Marie Luckey died at a very joung age, but thedescendants of his sons Georg Heinrich August Friedrich Arnold Luckey and KarlHeinrich Martin Luckey had a normal life and stay in Arolsen and Berlin.

From the first marriage of Henrich Luckey stemmed six children, one isFriedrich Philip Lukei, who was born on the 17 june 1796 in Niederwaroldern andwas also there confirmed on the second after Trinitatis 1810. He was farmer andmayor in Freienhage, where he died on the 8 november 1870. From his marriagesstemmed five children. His only son Heinrich Ludwig Friedrich Luckey died onlysome days after his birth, and so therefore is the family tree from Freienhagendied out with the last male descendant.

The oldest son of Henrich Luckey was Friederich Wilhelm Lukei, who wasborn on the 19th october 1791 in Niederwaroldern and than on the first afterTrinitatis 1803 confirmed. He was farmer and died on the 9th november 1871 inNiederwaroldern. He was married on the 2nd december 1821 in Niederwaroldernwith Maria Elisabeth Meyer, who was born on the 28 sepember 1799 inElleringhausen. She died on the 6th of february 1875 in Niederwaroldern of oldage.

One of their nine children was Johanne Caroline Christiane Luckey, whowas born on the 1st november 1836 in Niederwaroldern. She fall down in the deepwell behind the house and was drowned on the 11th august 1838 to death. It wasthe second children, who died into the deep well.

The oldest child was Marie Friederike Elisabeth Lukkey, who was born onthe 13th october 1823 in Niederwaroldern. She was presumably married twice andis emigrated with her second husband Johannes Friedrich Wilhelm Westmeier tothe United states of America. Probably together with their two daughters fromthe first marriage and her illegitimate daughter Marie Elisabeth Luckey, whowas born on the 1st november 1845 in Niederwaroldern and died on the 6th april1925 in America.

Another children is Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Luckey, who was born on the25 august 1839 in Niederwaroldern. In Springtime 1867 he emigrated also in theUSA, together with his young wife Marie Friederike Louise Kurhöfer fromDehringhausen and also together with his sister Maria Christiane Louise Luckey,who was born on the 24 july 1845 in Niederwaroldern and her illegitimate sonFriedrich Wilhelm Luckey, born on the 18 february  1865 in Niederwaroldern. This son FriedrichWilhelm Luckey was in America known as the son Fred from his godfatherFriedrich Luckey.

After different stations and working-actifities settled Friedrich Luckeyon a farm in Nebraska. On the 22 november 1868 on the farm near East St. Louiswas his son Henry Carl Luckey born, who married on the 7th october 1893 hiswife Hattie Franke from Gloschwitz near Halle on the Saale. He was Farmer,Lawyer and member of the senate of the state Nebraska in the american Senate.

Another sister from Friedrich Luckey is Henriette Friederike Luckey, whowas born on the 20 september 1828 in Niederwaroldern. She married on the 21february 1858 in Twiste Carl Friedrich Heinrich Butterweck and emigrated latertogether with her two daughters to America, who she first stationated by herbrother Friedrich Luckey in Nebraska.

The oldest son of Friedrich Wilhelm Lukei is called Heinrich GeorgDaniel Luckey, who was born on the 11th april 1826 in Niederwaroldern andconfirmed there Trinitatis 1840. He was mentioned several times as God father,was some time parish council and was a memeber of the local council and was fora while the chairman of the local council. He died on the 22 november 1915 inNiederwaroldern. He was getting married on the 26 december 1854 inNiederwaroldern with the neighbour-child Marie Elisabethe Nagel, born on the8th february 1830 in Niederwaroldern, died on the 21 april 1902 inNiederwaroldern.

From their nine children died the seventh child, a son, at the age of 8years, during the ninth child, also a son died at the age from four years inthe deep well behind the house. It was the third child of the family, who foundhis death in the deep well behind the house.

From the rest of the children were three female and four male. From thismale descendants stemmed only some sons, so that from the nine children onlysome namebearer left. One of them was the writer of the test, who was calledWerner Luckey. 

Tree Twiste 1

JohannesLuckey was baptized Jubilate 1687 in Twiste, was confirmed there on the Palmsunday on the 4th april 1700 was listed several times as penitent, communicantand god father.

He died on Jubilate the 8th of may in Twiste. He was married with AnnaMargaretha Küchler on the 17th october 1712, she was born round about 1679 anddied on the 14th october 1759 in Twiste. Descendants from both are still livingtoday in Twiste, during others of the descendants are settled in Weiberg andMühlhausen.

FriedrichWilhelm Luckey who was born on the 26 october 1834 in Twiste and„1861 left into Prussia to marriage“, which was written in the churchbook. Hewas originated protestantic, converted to roman-catholic, presumbablyconcerning of his wife Anna Wilhelmina Henneken, who was born on the 29 january1836 in Fürstenberg, she was roman-catholic, they married on the 4th may 1861in Weiberg. There descendants are still living today in Weiberg.

Wilhelm KarlLudwig Luckey was born on the 2nd december 1877 in Twiste and wasthere confirmed on Palmarum the 10th april 1892. He died in Mühlhausen on the15th july 1854. He got married on the 28 march 1909 in Goddelsheim with LuiseWilhelm, she was born on the 9th june 1891 in Goddelsheim and she died on the3rd october 1942 in Mühlhausen.
The descendants are still living today in Mühlhausen

(Notice from Tanja Luckey, decendant from Wilhelm Karl Ludwig Luckey:the Tree of Mühlhausen is died out, the other descendants of Wilhelm KarlLudwig Luckey are moved to Mengeringhausen and Twistetal-Berndorf and stilllived there also, the grandchildren are living in Mengeringhausen, Bad Arolsen,Volkmarsen, Willingen, Twistetal-Berndorf and Bad Soden in the Rhine-Maine-Area(thats me Tanja Luckey). In Mühlhausen are only left some hints on thecementery of the descendants.

Another memeber of the tree Twiste 1 is Carl Wilhelm Christian Luckey.He was born on the 22 december 1835 in Twiste and had married on the 26december 1865 Henriette Friederike Luise Meister, Both moved together to Barmen(today: Wuppertal-Barmen), where the wife died on the 24 february 1871. Afterthat Wilhelm Luckey emigrated to the US, presumbably together with his oldestdaughter Louise Ida Luckey, who was born on the 3rd december 1868 in Barmen. 

Tree Twiste 2

Presumably is another son of Claus Luckey from his second marriagetogether with Catharina Butterweck named Conrad Henrich Luckey, maybe he isalso a twin-brother of Johannes Luckey. He was born round about 1687 andconfirmed on Palm sunday 4th april 1700 in Twiste. He was several timesmentioned as visitor of Lords supper and as god father, also in the Saalbook(Register of estates) from 1755. His death is not mentioned in the churchbook.He was married on the 16 may 1713 with Anna Catharina Engelhard from Berndorf.The had together nine children, some of them died very early. Therefore theother male desdendants had also no male children, the tree had died out.


The catholic line

The villages of Waldeck Stormbruch, Heringhausen and Rhenegge very closeby into the next country Westfalen is located the village Padberg, which wasfirst mentioned 1030 and after a great fire by a besiegement in 1414 by thepeople from Korbach. After the fire, the habitants of Padberg settled againinto the Ring of the city wall, called the Ring Padberg. A excellent text of the history ofPadberg you can find in the Book „Padberg im Wandel der Zeiten, aus Anlaß der700-Jahr-Feier der Bestätigung der Stadtrechte, im Auftrage des Ringes Padberg,bearbeitet von Studienrat Dr. Hubert Schmidt“. (Translation: Padberg in thechanges of the times, for the honor of the 700-years-celebration from theconfirmation of the rights of the city, in the order of the ring of Padberg,edited by Studienrat Dr. Hubert Schmidt.)

With the extinct of the old countshouse the archbishop of cologneFriedrich I. purchased in the year 1120 the castle of Padberg. After thatPadberg belonged, with the beginning of the 12. Century up to thesecularization in the year 1803, to kurkölnischen Sauerland and was since thancatholic. Round about 1120, belonged also a lot of villages of Waldeck toPadberg, par example Rhenegge. These connection you can see also later in thetimes, because of some of the members of the family Luckey from Padberg movedto Rhenegge, especially Johan Bernhard Luckey, he was the Founder of the treeRhenegge C.

Since the end of the 16. Century people with the name Luckey weresettled in Padberg.
So is written in the „Mastregister“ of the year 1598 from the archive„Gräfliche Droste zu Vischeringsche“ in Padberg the names:

Herman Luckey, Georgen Luckey, in the year 1655 the names Jürgen Luckeyand Elsa Luckey.

In the register book (which started in the year 1660), there is listedthe work which the farmers had to do for the church (Hand- und Spanndienste)and they had to give up the „Zehnten“ the tenth part of their harvest. It’slisted that in the ring of the village of Padberg were five Vollspann, six,Halbspann and 52 Kötter. (Vollspann = it was the first farmer in the villagewith the largest ground, and he had to give a helping hand in the time of theharvest to the count - in the sommertime a whole day, in the wintertime a halfday, so they hadn’t enough time for their own farm and own work, Halbspann =more less than the Vollspann, but has to give the tenth part of their harvest,Kötter = little farmer, not so much work for the count, but also had to givethe tenth part of harvest to the count)

In the register book of the year 1660 are also mentioned:

Anton Luckey (name ofhouse was Schüttelers), Henrich Luckey(name of house was Mischen), HenrichLuckey (name of house was Johanhenrichs). (Expl. In parts of Waldeck it wascommon not only to say the surname of a person, also say the name of the house,the house kept his name over generations, no matter how the name of the ownerchanged.)

There was also the first times when the second names „Schütteler“,„Mischen“ and „Johanhenrichs“ mentioned.

In the times of 1664 up to 1748 there were also listed in thechurchbooks some people with the family name Luckey, but there are no familyrelationship to each other. Only with below mentioned Anton Luckey (name ofhouse was „Schüttelers“) you can make a family tree.

His son Johan Jodocus (Jost) Luckey was born on the 12th october 1693and was listed in the register of treasure (Schatzregister) from the year 1717,Book „Kopfschatz“ head-treasure in 1759, in „Gesinde-Kopfschatz“ servants-treasure1759, „Herd- und Schornstein-St.“ Stove and chimney-treasure 1759 and the„Viehschatz“ cattle treasure 1760.

He died on the 30 march 1760, he had married on the 13th november 1722Anna Elisabeth Mündelein, she died on the 2nd may 1759.

They had seven children, one of them was Johan Caspar Luckey. He wasbaptised on the 27 may 1740 in Padberg and listed in head-tresure 1759,servant-treasure 1759, head-treasure 1764 as „Kötter“, cattle-tresure 1781 as„Beylieger“ participant, as witness by a marriage and as godfather.

In the time, when the citizens of Padberg made a revolution against thetroops of „Churfürst Max Friedrich von Köln“ Elector Max Friedrich of cologne,they made a list of the citizens on the 10th july 1769, in which the CasparLuckey was mentioned as „Arrestant“ prison inmate.

In the year 1806, the old fights about the rights of the wood/forestsbetween the lords of Padberg and the citizens of the village ring Padberg,ended with a contract. The represen­tative of the community was Kaspar Luckey.

He was born on the seventh august 1833 in Padberg. He had married on theseventh january 1764 his wife Anna Elisabeth Gertrude Mischen.

They had six children, the third of them was Johan Joseph Luckei.Together with Maria Stein he had a illegitimate son, who was called JohanJoseph Luckey, who was born on the 11th february 1786 in Padberg. In past timesthe illegitimate children got in the most cases the name of the father not thename of the mother. Caused of that there are a lot of people with thefamilynames Luckey, which would have never the family name Luckey when it basedon the current law today.

He was tailor and assessor and died on the 24. March 1852 in Padberg. Hewas married twice, in the second marriage, which was closed on the 27 april1819, with Catharina Elisabeth Schmidt, who was born 1878 in Beringhausen.

Their grandchild Bernard Luckei, who was born on the 13th march 1854 inPadberg, moved to Gladbeck, where his descendants still live today.

Another grandchild Johann Franz Anton Luckei, who was born on the 18september 1861 in Padberg, moved to an industrial area, where he work as miner,later he lived in Sassenberg. Till today also there still live some descendantsof him.

The fifth child of Caspar Luckey and Anna Elisabeth Mischen is JohanAnton Luckei, called „Schötteler“ (no translation for „Schötteler“ exists).

He was baptised on the 25th may 1774 in Padberg, and was mentioned asassessor and farmer. He was „Deputierer“, it was a member of the parish councilin the years 1827 up to 1831. He died on the 8th january 1848 in Padberg. Hewas married in the first marriage, closed ont he 27th may 1800 in Padberg withMaria Margaretha Mischen, who was born 1780 and died on the 15th march 1817 inPadberg. They had got together nine children.

The sixth child of Caspar Luckei and Anna Elisabeth Gertrude Mischen,was called Heinrich Joseph Luckei, nickname Mischen, who was baptised 1staugust 1778 in Padberg and died there on the 2nd august 1839. He married on the24 november 1814 in Padberg Catharina Elisabetha Sonnenschein, who was bornround about 1790. They had got together five children.

The Descendants of Anton Luckey, Nickname „Schötteler“ and HeinrichLuckei Nickname „Mischen“ were farmer and crafsman. They live till today inPadberg, Berinhausen and the neighbourhood, so that the name Luckei is spreadout there. Thereby also is written the name of the houses „Hambers“,„Hengeloris“, „Müers“ and „Bunsen“.

One of the descendants Anton Luckey, who was born on the 30 october 1887in Padberg, emigrated to africa as a farmer and died there round about 1968.

In Beringhausen born was Friedrich Luckey and his son Johann FranzLuckei, but there are not listed in the churchbook in the register of births.Johann Luckei is moved to Lüdenscheid, he changed his belief into protestanticand after that on the 28 november 1829 he married. His descendants live andlived widespread in Germany.

Same is with Johannes Luckei, who was born on the 28 may 1885 in Padbergand died on the 22 june 1964 in Königswinter/Rhine. He was married twice inUnna/Westfalia.


Tree Iserlohn

One not so huge tree of the family Luckey had settled in the area ofIserlohn. This tree had the catholic belief, and so it could be that the fatherof the tree came original from Padberg. Because the Padberg area and theircitizens belief is catholic.

The oldest owner of the name who was found was Adam Lukei, he was in1850 bricklayer in Langenholthausen, the church community Balve and was marriedwith Maria Catharina Kerstin. In the register of Balve area Arnsberg is notlisted the marriage between them in the years 1830 up to 1843, and presumablythe wedding was closed in another area/village, maybe where the bride lived.

The couple had together at least eight children, therefrom were minimumfour sons. Only two are known, but you can’t find a lot of informations aboutthem. Because of that the tree Iserlohn is not really interessting for thefamily history of the Luckeys. 

Tree Haaren

Essential more huger and therefor with a bigger relevance is the tree,which lived in the area of Paderborn Tree Haaren. Old family stories told thatthe family Luckei not settled very long in this area. It could be that ashepard moved to Haaren, presumably from Padberg. All families from Haaren hadthe belief catholic. Also very noticeable is that in Padberg existed a housewith the name „Christes“, which has presumably the roots of the name„Christkens“ in Haaren. A proper connection you can’t find, but the propabilityis very huge.

In the „Rezeßbuch“ Rezeß-book of 1835 the name Luckei doesn’t exist,maybe the family was at that time still settled in Haaren, but had no realestates there. After that in the year 1855 the family is listed in the book ofestates (Rezeß-book).

A part of the churchbooks of Haaren were burned down in a huge fire inthe village. The still existing records of the years 1808 up to 1810 which arelisted the birts, deaths and marriages the name Luckei aren’t listed. In theregister of births they are first listed after 1825 in the register of weddingsafter 1840.

Therefore is the first owner of the name in Haaren not to identify, buthe has presumably two sons, who were the fathers of the two trees in Haaren:

Christian Luckei = Tree A„Christkens“ and Anton Luckei = TreeB „Vieths“.


Tree A „Christkens“

ChristianLuckei had the nickname „Höcker“ (translate: bump), shepard and dayworker, hewas married with Theresia Günter. They had together four sons, the last sondied very fast after his birth.

The oldest son Meinolph Luckey wasborn in Haaren round about 1813, and had married on the 16 may 1840 ElisabethTraphane. Noticeable is, that (like very often in Haaren) the Vater and the sonhad written their names different.

Meinolph Luckey and Elisbeth Traphane had together seven children, whothe first three were triplets. The second son Christian Luckey, called„Christkens“ was born on the 23 september 1840 in Haaren. He was mentioned asday-worker, farmer and handicraft worker and died on the 6th october 1879 inHaaren. He had married on the 21st october 1865 in Haaren the woman AngelaClara Siggemeier, she was born on the 8th october 1842 in Boke. Theirdescendants are still living today in Haaren, Helmern, Paderborn and Essen.

The second son of Christian Luckei and Theresia Günter was calledHeinrich Lukei, who was born on the 9th december 1823 in Haaren and was listedin Haaren as a tailor, later in Bochum as a trader. He had married on the 16february 1847 in Haaren the woman Anna Maria Fromme, who was born on the 25december 1823 in Helmern. Their descendants are still living today inEssen-Bergeborbeck, Essen-Werden and Bottrop.

The third son of Christian Luckei and Theresia Günter was called AntonLuckei Nickname „Schweins-Metzcher“ (transl. Pork-butcher). He was born on the17th june 1826 in Haaren and was dwadler, butcher and trader. In the„Rezeß-Buch“ Rezeß-book of 1855 he is listed as „früher Wilhelm Salmen“(transl. Earlier Wilhelm Salmen), his father-in-law. Anton Luckei had marriedon the 24 october 1850 in Haaren with Elisabeth Sahlmen, she was born there onthe 9th december 1827. Their numerously descendants still live today mostly inHaaren.

The joungest son Johan Lukei, who was born on the 15th june 1869 in Haarenemigrated to the USA.


Tree B „Viehts“

You can find over Anton Luckei only the information, that he wasday-worker and cow-shepard and was married with Anna Catharina Wießeler. Bothdied before 1849.

They had together eight children, the oldest one was Vitus LiboriusLuckei, who was born round about 1815 and had the nickname „Vits-Vitchen“ (notranslation yet). He was married on the 12th january 1843 in Haaren with AngelaFriederike Carolina Stücker, she was born 1818 in Thüle.

They had five children, the third was Johannes Lukei, who was born onthe 26 june 1851 in Haaren. He moved to Salzkotten, worked there as a traderand married on the 6th february 1880 with Theresia Bursmeier, she was born onthe 28 february 1858 in Salzkotten. The most of their descendants lived andlive there till today.


The second child of Anton Luckei and Anna Catharina Wießeler wasElisabeth Lukei, called „Viehts“ (no translation yet), she was born 1817. Shehad a illegitimate son Friederich Lukei, who was born on the 19 april inPaderborn and died 1900 in Wewelsburg. In Wewelsburg he married on the 16 may1874 the woman Anna Voß, who was born on the 5th june 1850. Their descendantshad lived in Wewelsburg, Herzogenrath, Düsseldorf, Aachen and Broichweiden.Today there are no anymore Lukeis in Wewelsburg. 

The Märkisch-Bergisch Line

The oldest owner of the name is Johannes Luckey, who was born 1659. Bythe record in the register of births of his daughter Gertrudt CatharinaElisabeth in Hagen on the 28. March 1707 is written: Johan Luckey from theLippisch Land of Bösingfeldt. The churchbook of 1675 up to 1682 of Bösingfeldtwas lost, while the churchbook 1652 up to 1674, the book with the register ofbirths and the book of weddings the name Luckey is not listed. Also in the statearchive of Detmold the name Luckey in the village Bösingfeldt is not listed.Out of this you find the conclusion that Johannes Luckey was moved fromBösingfeldt to Hagen, but his or his family wasn’t descend from this village. Aconnection to the other lines of Waldeck, Padberg or Wolfhagen you can’t find,abut the presumption is, that the Märkisch-Bergisch Line is also originatedfrom Waldeck.

In Hagen in Westfalen was Johannes Luckey for 43 years well-honoredschoolmaster and chantor since 1684. He was several mentioned. As „Praeceptor“he tought on the church-school beside the church. After the pulling down of theold church of Johannis in Hagen in the year 1903 a capsule with 2 plumb panels.The smaller one of the both had a inscription with the name of the past teacherand it was written „Joh. Luckey Luther. Praeceptor“ from the year 1719.Johannes Luckey was buried on the 30 april 1727 in Hagen. He was married withAnna Elisabeth, her birth-surname is unkown.

Presumably the had seven children, from them the second was calledHenrich Wilhelm Lukes (Luckey). He was baptized on the 20 september 1692 andwas mentioned on the plumb panel beside the name of his father as sexton „H.W.Luckey 1719“. He was also mentioned as „Herr adjungierter Praeceptor und Cantor“(transl. Master Praeceptor and sexton). He gave his father a helping hand foryears, but he wasn’t able to inherit the job of his father because he died withthe age of 34. Beside the record in the register of birth is his name alwayswritten with Luckey. Himself signed with Luckey in a letter from the 12 august1724.

The male descendants of his brother died very early, also the childrenof his own second marriage, but he had from his first marriage with Anna Lucie Hein, two children.

There of was his son Johannes Friderich Luckey, who was baptized on the21st june 1720 in Hagen. He was listed in the register of the church placesfrom the 20 january 1749, he was owner of a church place and was buried on the28 august 1753 in Hagen. He had married on the 23rd april 1747 inHagen with Anna Gertrut Ambrock.

Three of their four children were sons, and they were very important forthe next line:

JohannFriederich Luckey= Bergischer Tree 1 (Heusiepen)

JohannCaspar Luckey = Tree Netherlands

DiederichEvert Luckey = Bergischer Tree 2. 

Bergischer Tree1 (Heusiepen)

JohannFriederich Luckey was baptized on the 31st january 1749 in Hagen. Hisprofession was blacksmith for little items and he died on the fifth march 1805.He had married on the 27 october 1780 Catharina Magdalena Wüster, she died onthe 20 august 1835 in Heckinghausen. They had nine children and tengrandchildren, but after two another generations the tree Heusiepen died outwith the last male descendant.


Tree Netherland

Johann Caspar Luckey was baptized on the 10thdecember 1750 in Hagen. He emigrated to Amsterdam, where he built up asmithery. In the year 1794 he married Grietje Willems. His son Willem FrederikLukey, who was baptized 1801 in Amsterdam, inherited the smithery and marriedWilhelmina v.d. Vies. Besides one daughter they had also four sons. One of themhad also the name Willem Frederik Lukey, and this name got also his oldest sonof him, this habitant is still working since today. 

Bergischer Tree 2

Johann Diederich Evert Luckey was baptized on the 25 march1753 in Hagen. His profession was also blacksmith on small items he was called„Kleinschmied am Schmittenberg“ and died on the 17 june 1820 at theSchmittenberg. He had married on the 21st april 1786 inLütteringhausen Margaretha Catharina Matt, she was born round about 1757 inHeusiepen and baptized in Lüttringhausen.

From their seven children was the third Carl Friedrich Luckey. He wasborn on the 16 april 1799 in Heusiepen, was mentioned with the professionblacksmith of small items and pan-blacksmith at the Schmittenberg and died onthe 22nd January 1885 in Lüttringhausen-West. He had married on the30 may 1834 in Lüttringhausen Wilhelmine Becker, who was born on the 3rdOctober 1806 in Lüttringhausen-Spelsberg. Their descendants had lived inLüttringhausen (today: Remscheid-Lüttringhausen) and Ronsdorf (today:Wuppertal-Ronsdorf), where are still live today some Luckeys.

The seventh child was Friedrich Wilhelm Luckey, who was born on the 29april 1801 in Heusiepen. His profession was day-worker, blacksmith for smallitems and weaver. He died on the 1st December 1874 in Elberfeld. Hisfirst marriage was closed on the 30 september 1834 in Lüttringhausen withCatharina Carolina Hilger, she was born on the 19 may 1807 in Wüste. From thismarriage descend five children, the third and the fourth child were born deathand the fifth baby died at the age of eight months.

The oldest son Karl Robert Luckey was born on the 14th august 1836 inRemscheid. He was Silkweaver and foreman and died on the 25thFebruary 1920 in Elberfeld. He had married on the 21st November 1861Friderike Kuckelsberg in Elberfeld, she was born on the 8 july 1835 inElberfeld. Descendants are still live today in Elberfeld, Hagen, Wetter, Kiel,Essen, Wuppertal-Rondsdorf and Witten.

The second son Carl August Luckey was born on the 11 september 1842 inRemscheid. He was also foreman and died on the 28 december 1877 in Elberfeld.He had married on the 5th October 1866 Wilhelmine Kuckelsberg inElberfeld, she was born on the 7 january 1841 in Elberfeld. Their descendantsare still live today in Wuppertal and some of them in Cologne and Hamburg.

The second marriage of Friedrich Wilhelm Luckey was closed on the 25thaugust 1848 in Lüttringhausen with Catharina Dahlbüdding, she was born roundabout 1812 in Ronsdorf. Their descendants lived in Elberfeld, but today thetree died out with the last male Luckey. 

The Line of Wolfhagen

Nearbythe east border of Waldeck the village Wolfhagen is located. In the billsof the community Landay of the years 1716 and 1742 is mentioned several timesWolfhagen, but with only some single farms, who had to pay to the count ofWaldeck interests. The city Wolfhagen never belonged to Waldeck.

The churchbooks of Wolfhagen reach back to the year 1575, but later thereare often gaps in. Also there are some records, special in the first years,very fail and hard to read. Therefore you can’t get or have problems to get thecomplete family connections and some hints are only presumably. So are somerecords between the years 1601 and 1757 with the names, but you couldn’t findthe connection to the others.

About Henrich Luckey is listed, that he was buried on the 6th december1593 in Wolfhagen. From his seven children were six died in the years 1586 upto 1597. At this time the Pest was in the city. Every day twenty persons died,often more, mainly children. After 1597 the time of the pest ended, which waswritten in the churchbook: “Mense octobri peste 9 tagiesa extincti est”.

Perhaps is Jost Luckey a brother of Henrich Luckey. Also Jost died 2children from his first marriage in the year 1576. From his second marriage,which he closed on the 3rd may 1577 in Wolfhagen with Emma Molsen,Curd Luckey descended, he was called “der Ältere” (transl. the older).

His profession is written with „opilio“ = sheep sheppard. He had marriedon the 11th june 1605 Barbara Staudtner in Wolfhagen.

Their oldest son was Curdt Luckey “der Jüngere” (transl. the joungest),who was baptized Trinitatis 1606 in Wolfhagen. His profession in the year 1636was Cow Sheppard and 1662 ranger. He was buried on the 30 september 1671 inWolfhagen. Presumably he was married triple, but all his children from thismarriages are died very early, only one overlived, but after him the tree diedout with the last male descendant.

The fifth son of Curd Luckey and Barbara Staudtner is Ludewig Luckei,who was baptized on the 13th February 1625 in Wolfhagen and confirmed oneaster. His marriage with Gertrud Schmidt was on the 29 november 1649 inWolfhagen. From their children is very important Hans Georg Luckey, who wasbaptized on the 3rd novembr 1662 in Wolfhagen and confirmed oneaster 1675. His profession was carpenter and he died on the 10thOctober 1726 in Wolfhagen. He was second married with Anna Maria Krantz.

To their descendants belonged also Friedrich Luckey, who was born on the5th april 1803 in Wolfhagen. He married on the 7th September 1834Marie Sophie Iske and emigrated together with her round about 1836 to America.

Ludwig Carl Friedrich Ernst Luckey, who was born on the 20 may 1828 inWolfhagen and had the surname Ritz (it was the surname of his mother) up to themarriage of his parents on the 26 september 1830. He also emigrated to the USAand lived 1867 in Baltimore.

Another descendant is Johannes Luckey, who was born on the 13th november1836 in Wolfhagen. He was citizen and master of shoemaker and died on the 9thdecmeber 1894 in Kassel, presumably in the house of one of his children, whomoved and married in Kassel. Till today the family lives in Kassel and nearestarea.


The result of this investigation is, that a lot of family member areemigrated to America. Thereby is a explanation of a huge number of Luckey inthe USA (Note Tanja Luckey: a lot of Luckeys in the USA are descendants of schottishor English emigrants.) Also the founder of the very important food-store “LuckyStores” belonged to.

Also it is realized, that the name Luckey is first mentioned in theyears 1598 in Padberg and 1586 in Wolfhagen – in Hagen primal 1727. A half centurybefore in Waldeck, especially in Heringhausen existed a huge number of familieswith the name Luckey. Therefore you can imagine, that the roots of the name isorginally in Heringshausen and it is a old family of Waldeck.