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Who Are the Lewises of Warner Hall


John Lewis the Immigrant

John Lewis [1] the elder was born about 1594 (based on his tombstone in the Lewis cemetery), and emigrated to the Virginia Colony, bringing with him Lidia Lewis, Edward Lewis, William Lewis, and John Lewis, Jr. [2], probably his wife and three sons. He patented 250 acres at the head of a branch of Poropotank Creek in 1653. John Lewis [1] was buried on the northwest side of the Poropotank when he was 63, and his gravestone gives the date August 21, 1657.

Here lieth Interred the body Of Iohn Lewis (Borne in Munmoth Shire) died the 21 of Auguʃt 1657 Aged 63 yeares The Anagram of his Name

I Shew no ill

John Lewis, Jr., and Isabella

In December, 1655, John Lewis, Jr. [2], patented 250 acres on the main swamp of Poropotank Creek adjoining Col. Richard Lee’s Paradise and not far from Thomas Pate’s Gloucester Hall. In 1663 and 1666, additional patents and his inheritance of his father’s land resulted in holdings of 2600 acres. Although he owned property on both sides of the Poropotank, his residence is believed to have been on the New Kent (now King and Queen County) side.

John Lewis, Jr. [2], married Isabella Miller, and their marriage was mentioned in the Warner Hall gravestone of their son, Col. John Lewis [3], tying John, Jr. [2] and Isabella with the Lewis family of Warner Hall.

Here Lyeth Interred

The Body of Collo John Lewis Son of John and Isabella Lewis And one of his Majestys Honble Council for this Colony who was

Born ye 30th of November 1669 & departed This Life on ye 14th of November 1725.

The will of James Miller, 29 March 1678, names sister Isabell Lewis, wife to his brother [in-law] Major John Lewis [2]. The will also names nephews Edward and John Lewis [3] the younger. John Lewis [3] the younger is the one who acquired Warner Hall.

After the death of her husband, Isabella married Robert Yard of Petsworth Parish, Gloucester County, whose property was across the Poropotank from the Lewis’ land in New Kent. At her death she was buried in the Lewis family cemetery, where John Lewis, Jr. [2] is probably also buried. Robert Yard survived Isabella by several years and died after October 1708, when the Petsworth Parish vestry records reported that he was sick.

Here Lyeth Inter.d the Body of Mrs. Isaballa Yard Born the 24th of Auguʃt 1640 and departed this Life Ye 9th day of February 1704 aged 6[3]

Years 5 months & 16 days.

Children and Grandchildren of John Lewis, Jr.

Col. John Lewis [3] “the younger”, son of John, Jr. [2] and Isabella and grandson of John Lewis [1] the immigrant. He was born November 30, 1669, and died November 14, 1725.

Elizabeth Warner, daughter of Augustine Warner and his wife Mildred [Reade], married John Lewis [3] (son of John, Jr. [2] and Isabella), born 24 November, 1672, died 5 February, 1719/20.

Capt. Edward Lewis, son of Major John Lewis [2] and his wife Isabella and grandson of John Lewis [1] of Monmouth Shire, England, was born 5 September, 1667, died 11 February, 1713.

John Lewis [4], son of Capt. Edward Lewis and his wife Susanna, died 7 April, 1718. William Lewis was son of Capt. Edward Lewis and his wife Susanna.

Ann Lewis, daughter of Capt. Edward Lewis and his wife Susanna, married Rev. Mr. John Skaife, was born about 1689 and died 16 February, 1716. Her daughters are buried beside her. Susanna died 17 February, 1716, at age 3; Mildred died 20 February, 1716, age 10 days.

Most of the above comes from gravestone inscriptions in two local cemeteries. The same information is shown as follows:

Lewis Descendancy from the Immigrant


John Lewis [1] the elder (1594-1657) [Lewis Cem]

+ m. Lydia

Edward Lewis William Lewis John Lewis, Jr. [2]

+ m. Isabella Miller [Lewis Cem]

Edward Lewis (1667-1713) [Lewis Cem]

+ m. Susanna

John Lewis [4] (-1718) [Lewis Cem] William Lewis [Lewis Cem]

Ann Lewis (1689-1716) [Lewis Cem]

+ m. John Skaife

Susanna Skaife (1713-1716) [Lewis Cem] Mildred Skaife (1716-1716) [Lewis Cem]

John Lewis [3] (1669-1725) [Warner Hall Cem]

+ m. Elizabeth Warner (1672-1719/20) [Warner Hall Cem] 14 children



Robert Lewis?

There is an earlier theory that Robert Lewis, an immigrant to York County by 1644 (when York included current Gloucester, King and Queen, and New Kent counties) was the progenitor of the Lewises of Warner Hall, and not John Lewis the elder of Monmouth. This theory is promoted by Lewis of Warner Hall – History of a Family, by Merrow Egerton Sorley (1937), apparently because of “tradition.” The subsequent discovery of Isabella’s gravesite in the Lewis Cemetery with John Lewis the elder establishes the Warner Hall connection with John, not Robert. Robert Lewis did acquire land in 1649 near the mouth of the Poropotank, on the west (King and Queen) side, but there is no record of any sons who would have perpetuated his name.

It is interesting that several Lewis families came to the Poropotank area in the seventeenth century, including Christopher Lewis who patented land in 1684, and Zachary Lewis in 1694, both near Dragon Swamp in the Glenns area.


Most of this information came from Harris, Dr. Malcolm H., John Lewis (1594-1657) of Monmouthshire, England, and Gloucester and New Kent Counties, Virginia, from , Volume 56, No. 2, April, 1948, p. 195-205. The article, or something like it, was also printed in Volume 62, No. 4, Oct. 1954, p. 477-488.

Also, the APVA Epitaphs book.



The following quoted from ancestry.com



CEMETERY:Lewis Family Cemetery near Adner, Virginia in King & Queen County, lying to the west of Adner off Hwy 14 and Poropotank Creek, located off Poropotank Dr. [NOTE: As of 2007, Emigrant John's tombstone was the oldest known tombstone in King & Queen County, VA. His daughter-in-law Isabella Miller Lewis Yard is buried next to him.]

Original Source: "John Lewis (1594-1657) of Monmouthshire, England, and Gloucester and New Kent Counties, Virginia" by Malcolm H. Harris in The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 56, No. 2 (Apr., 1948), pp. 195-205 [NOTE: Monmouthshire is now in Wales]

...In the ancient cemetery to which we here refer are (1) probably a full third part (bearing inscription) of one tombstone; (2) a tombstone complete; and (3) fragments of yet another tombstone. These stones are slabs lying flat on the ground.

The inscription on the remaining part of the stone first referred to reads:


[Probably one-third of upper part of tombstone missing. There remains, immediateley preceding inscription about a third of shield of coat of arms immediately followed by the inscription.]

Here heth Interred the Body of JOHN LEWIS (Borne in ~~

Munmouth Shire) died the 21th of August 1657 Aged 63 yeares The anagram of his name

I Shew no ill


[The remainder of the Anagram (which originally must have totaled nine lines, a line corresponding to each letter in the name) is missing. Probably a third of lower part part of tombstone is gone.]

The inscription on the complete stone referred to reads:


[Design of death's head and hour glass] Here Lyeth Inter'd the Body of

M.rs ISABALLA YARD Born the 24.th of August 1640 and departed this Life

ye 9.th day of February 1704 aged 63 years 5 months & 16 days

The fragments of the third stone referred to, when pieced together, give these few words:

Here *** the Body of Wi*** [William?] Lewis son of C*** Lewis and *** Departed ***


Revised Source: "Captain Edward Lewis (1667-1713) of King and Queen County, Virginia, and His Family" by Malcolm Hart Harris in The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 62, No. 4 (Oct., 1954), pp. 477-488

At the foot of the tombstone of Mrs. Isabella Yard (1640-1703/4) reported in the previous article was found the tombstone of Captain Edward Lewis (1667-1713). While this handsomely carved tombstone is broken and a part of the inscription has been lost, a sufficient part of the legend has been preserved to identify this stone as that of Captain Edward Lewis. The arms on this stone are carved in considerable detail and this portion of the stone, while cracked, remains intact.

The inscription (that portion in brackets being suggested by the writer) is as follows:



Here [lyeth] Inter'd [the] Body of Cap.t [Edward Le]wis ye Son of Major

[John Lewis and his wife I]sabelah, who [was grandson of Jo]hn Lewis of [Monmouth Shire and ] was born near [this place ye 5th of] Sept.br 1667 and [Departed this life] ye 11th of Feb.y 1713 [Aged 45 years] 5 months and 6 days.

Alongside the tombstone of Captain Edward Lewis on the left lies another which bears this inscription:



[son of] Cap.t Edward Lewis and Susanna, his wife who departed this life

April 7, 1718.


At the head of the preceding tombstone we found the handsome slab over the grave of his sister, Mrs. Ann (Lewis) Skaife, bearing the following inscription:

Here Lyeth the Body of ANN SKAIFE

wife of the Rev. Mr. JOHN SKAIFE and Daughter of CAP.t EDW.d LEWIS and SUSANNA his wife

Who departed this Life Feb.y 16th 1716 Aged 27 years.

On whose left lye the Bodys of SUSANNA & MILDRED

her two daughters the first Aged 3 years died Feb.y 17, 1716

and the other Aged 10 days died

Feb.y 26th, 1716.


.....At the time of the discovery of the first three Lewis tombstones on Poropotank Creek, the writer was obliged to pass up as unidentified the fragmentary tomb of WiLewis. However, with the discovery of the three additional tombstones, there can be but little doubt that this stone read in part:

Here L[yeth] the Body of WILLIAM LEWIS

son of Capt. Edw.d Lewis and Susanna his wife who departed



The fact that these handsomely carved tombstones were erected to members of the Lewis family between 1657 and 1718 is evidence of their prominence and parosperity in New Kent and King and Queen counties.......

[End of quote]

The anagram in John Lewis’ inscription is complete. An anagram is a rearrangement of the letters of a name or phrase.


The Reade Connection

John Lewis the younger (1669 – 1725) married Elizabeth Warner (1672 – 1719) and acquired Warner Hall as a result. Elizabeth Warner was the daughter of Augustine Warner II (ca. 1642 – 1681) and Mildred Reade (bef. 1641 1694).

AugustineWarner II and Mildred Reade had six children, three sons and three daughters. The sons, Augustine III, Robert, and George, all died relatively young and before marrying. The oldest daughter, Mary, married John Smith of Purton before the death of any of her siblings. Elizabeth was the middle daughter and the oldest child living at home when she married John Lewis. The third daughter, Mildred, married Lawrence Washington before the death of her younger brothers. Elizabeth and John Lewis would inherit Warner Hall.

Mildred Reade was the daughter of Col. George Reade (ca. 1608 – 1671) who immigrated from London in 1637. George was the son of Robert Reade and Mildred Windebank. He was Secretary of State pro tem of the Virginia Colony in 1640, and was Acting Governor during absences of Royal Governor John Harvey. He was also a member of the House of Burgesses and the Colonial Council. George Reade married Elizabeth Martiau, daughter of Nicholas Martiau. Both George and Elizabeth were well- connected.

The children of George Reade and Elizabeth Martiau included:

Elizabeth (d. 1717 in Charles Parish, York Co.) who married Capt. Thomas Chisman. Mildred (d. 1694), who married Col. Augustine Warner II.


Robert (d. bef. 1722 in York Co.) who married Mary Lilly. Thomas, who married Lucy Gwynn.

Francis (d. ca. 1694), who married Jane Chisman (sister to Thomas Chisman) and then Anne ?

Benjamin, who married Mary Gwynn? Ann, who married George Holms.

Margaret. Mary.

Thomas’s son Thomas and daughter Lucy (wife of John Dixon, from Bristol, England), with two of Lucy’s children and Lucy’s young sister-in-law Elizabeth Dixon, were buried in a Reade family cemetery between Botetourt Ave. and Clements Ave. behind the Village Cleaners in Gloucester Courthouse.

Those gravestones were moved to Ware Church cemetery.

John Lewis the younger’s wife Elizabeth Warner’s sister, Mildred Warner, married Lawrence Washington. Their grandson, son of Augustine Washington and Mary Ball, was named George Washington after Mildred’s grandfather, George Reade. Young George had a successful career in the military and politics.




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