Kabyle DNA Project

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About us

Anṣuf yis-wen γer usenfaṛ "Kabyle DNA Project".

Ma telliḍ d-aqbayli yettnadin γef iẓuran n y-iqbayliyen, dagi d-amkʷ an i keččini. Anda ma tzedγaḍ, anṣuf yis-ek.

Iswi n-naγ dagi iga ad-nnadi akk γef idammen n-naγ ladγa γef  "haplogroups" ig llan deg uγref aqbayli. Wagi, akken ad-nessali yiwen useklu phylogenetic n-naγ.

Nebγa diγen-t ad-nawes imedrawen n-ugraw agi ad nadin γef tiwaculin n-sen.

Iwakken ad-nawaḍ ar iswi agi, nesra-kʷ n akken ad-nawi isefka.

Ugar ad illin isefka n-wen, ugar ad-nẓaṛ. (tawsit, tasga, tiγṛemt, isem n-udrum, n twacult, a.t.g.)

Welcome to the project "Kabylia DNA Results".

If you are Kabyle and searching about the roots of the Kabyle people, here is the place for you. Wherever you live, you're welcome.

The main goal of this group is to push forward research about Kabyle DNA (especially haplogroups). This for building a phylogenetic tree of the Kabyle people.

We also want to help the members of this group to search about relatives and family members.

To reach this goal, we need datas, we need your data. As the collected data increases, the results will become more statistically significant, and therefore our knowledge in Kabyle population genetics increase.

NB : If you specify the maximum of your informations (tribe / region / city / family name, adrum name, ...) that will be helpfull for our classification, thank you and welcome everybody !