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Projected Started on: March 9, 2006
The R1b haplogroup is the most common haplogroup in Western Europe, yet it is found in only a small percentage of Ashkenazi Jews (roughly 10%).
How did this haplogroup makes its way into the Jewish genetic mosaic? There are several possible explanations and theories. However, they remain untested until we have a significant enough sample of data to show whether these results are of recent or distant contribution to the Jewish genetic soup.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are seeking data from those with a CONFIRMED paternal Jewish heritage. We're sorry, but it is not a project to compare against Crypto-Jewish claims.
Rather, we are trying to ascertain the genetic origins of those we know to be Jews or have such evidence on their paternal side (ie. the paternal grandfather had a bar mitzvah). We are also trying to determine if there are any signs of genetic variance or significant haplotypes within the R1b Jews.

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