Jewish R1b

Jewish R1b aka R-M343 Haplogroup
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About us

Project Started on: March 9, 2006


Y-DNA testing of a minimum 37 markers is required and you must have your project admin permission set to "Limited" or "Advanced"  

Please complete the information in your FTDNA profile for earliest known paternal-line ancestor, approximate birthdate and their location at that time.

Please join us if:

Your Y-DNA Haplogroup is any subclade of R1b and any of the following is true:

  • Your paternal lineage (father's father's father's etc.) is known to be or have been of Jewish ancestry

  • Your Y-STR match list and/or Big Y match list appears to have Jewish surnames

  • You suspect your paternal-line ancestor was Jewish

This is a Y-DNA project. If you have not tested your Y chromosome, or if you are not in the R1b haplogroup, this is not the project for you