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Y-DNA Haplotype research J2a-PH4970,L1064 DYS391=9 and near haplotype clusters
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About us

J-L250_LogoProject for Y-DNA tested L250.2+ or L251.2+ or L1064+ or M68+
(or clustering by STR haplotype to kits with the above SNPs and/or beiing L26+ and having DYS391=9)

Main quests of this project:
  • What J-samples/kits are tested L26+ or L27+ or L927+ and also positive for one or more of these SNPs: L250.2, L251.2, L1064, M68?
  • What J-samples/kits cluster by STR-haplotype to the previous ones (have a similar/matching STR-marker values pattern)?
  • What J2a-L26-samples/kits have DYS391=9?
  • How widespread are all these samples/kits (paternal ancestor locations)?
  • Why are J2a-L1064 and J2a-M68 modal haplotypes so diverse and near to many other clades/clusters downstream of J2a-L26?
  • Are L250.2, L251.2, L1064 and M68 reliable and stable SNPs?