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About us

The Irvine Clan Autosomal DNA Project was established in October 2014 to complement the excellent Clan Irwin Surname DNA Study, which now has over 350 members. The autosomal project uses Family Finder results on Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) to connect cousins who share a common ancestor within five or six generations. Its goal is to supplement the information already available in the surname project, so that both men and women can trace their lineage to an Irvine/Irving/Irwin ancestor anywhere in their family tree (within limits). We have three categories of membership: (1) Irvine/Irving/Irwin men who are already in the surname project; (2) Irvine/Irving/Irwin men who are in the autosomal project but not the surname project; and (3) women and men who may not have the Irvine/Irving/Irwin surname but have an Irvine/Irving/Irwin ancestor somewhere in their family tree.