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Iberian E

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About us

The purpose of this project is to study the inter-connections of Iberians (Spain, Portugal) who have tested positive for haplogroup E, or are predicted positive. Please join if you have known Iberian origins or suspect you do because your line is from the New World (Central and South America). We are most interested in getting SNP testing in order to fully explore all the known subclades and especially NextGen testing to discover new ones to reach the point of a genealogical time period. Haplogroup E is not necessarily of Berber origin. It remains a little mysterious and is a big reason we need to thoroughly test for SNPs and reach Y-111 STRs. Together we can piece together the history of this branch of mankind originating in this part of the world. FTDNA says this about E: "Haplogroup E is an African lineage. It is currently believed that this haplogroup dispersed south from northern Africa with the Bantu agricultural expansion. E is also the most common lineage among African Americans. It is a diverse haplogroup with many branches and is found distributed throughout Africa today. It is also found at a very low frequency in North Africa and the Middle East." However, we are finding a significant number of Iberians testing positive for this haplogroup. It is not yet known how old it is in Iberia. SNP testing will be a vital piece of information to answer this puzzle. A 2016 study found a similarly significant number of Brazilians testing positive for this "African" haplogroup. We have within our genes the ability to actually learn more about our Iberian ancestors and, perhaps, discover what is the truth and what is myth.