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Donnie Harris Donnie Harris
April 27 @ 11:52am
Hello, I am In Indianapolis. Where are some of you at?
Cherie Harris
May 6 @ 10:55am
A lot of my Harris folks were born in Indianapolis (as I was), and in earlier times Southern Indiana.
Clinton Harris
May 17 @ 9:13am
My dead end is Washington A. Harris living in Clay County, Hamilton Indiana with wife and two children according to the 1840 census.
Carla Harris
June 21 @ 11:17am
My Harrises are from Owen and Clay counties in Indiana. Tuscarawas Co., OH before Indiana.
Richard Harris
June 22 @ 9:19am
My Harrises originated in New Jersey and lived in Dearborn county, Indiana, as well as Washington county, Ohio and Rock Island county, Illinois before splitting off and going to Harrison county, Missouri and Richardson county, Nebraska then west into California, Oregon and Washington state. Also I have ancestors from Clay (but not Harrises that I know of) county that married into families that had ancestors who did live in Clay county, Indiana. This may be a common link?
Richard Harris Richard Harris
May 21 @ 1:13pm
I find it amazing that since joining the Harris project in late 2014/early 2015, I don't match ANY other Harris from any part of the country. My Harris tree dead-ends in the 1860's in Missouri. I've tested 111 markers, had YSEQ find my terminal SNP group (S3058), and isolated my haplogroup terminal SNP here at R-Y22972 from Scotland. That's all I know after all of this---it's linked to Scotland. Is there any other Harris in this project that is linked to other surnames and unrelated to other Harrises? There appear to be more people related to Harrises with different surnames than the other way around. Anyone else named Harris that matches no other Harris?
Richard Harris
June 18 @ 5:35pm
@Richard, my last known 'Harris' male ancestor (2x great-grandfather) lived in Glasgow, Howard Co. Missouri in 1880. After that, I was told through distant family he left for the Gold Rush in California, and was never heard from again. They moved in originally from Indiana/Kentucky, depending on which Census you view--1860 or 1870. Big mystery, not sure professional genealogy would help, but may end up trying it.
Richard Harris
June 18 @ 5:38pm
It's somewhat comforting to know it's not just me, thanks for the comments, George, Elizabeth, and Richard. I never imagined it would be this difficult when I started.
Joel Harris
June 20 @ 1:36pm
I am Joel K. Harris. Father was Arthur Samuel Harris from Macon GA: B 1907 D 1988 GA. Mother was Ida Adams Harris Father was Lemuel H. Harris. Harris' as I know of them are as follows: Sam Harris 1900, Samuel L Harris 1920, Ida Harris 1910, Obadiah Harris 1850 Macon GA, Joshiah Lemuel H. Harris 1840 I recommend that all who use autosomal and X DNA use Gedmatch.com It is free. Upload your DNA and search more files directly and perform a one on one chromosome matches. John Olson with Gedmatch.com will provide instructions. Lastly check my website www.cherokeeindiansofalabama.com
Curt Harris
June 20 @ 1:59pm
Hi, Joel. My GEDMatch number's T441056. You'll see my Eurogenes K13 has Amerindian at 0.33. I'm speculating that's statistical noise and i'm not native. I see you have a Cherokee site. What's the average GEDMatch Native American hit for your members, if I may ask? I know that's a relevant question of our times as we read now that tribes are expelling members for not having sufficient genetics of the specific tribe for membership. And what is "statistical noise" as far as GEDMatch results go? I've got a couple matches that are in the low decimals, but I don't know if Eurogenes gives its results in percentages or whole numbers. Any idea?
Marvin Harris Marvin Harris
October 21 @ 3:43pm
Kit 527130. Group 32. Prototypical Harris origin map. Interesting comparing this to GEDMatch and Euro models. Euro predicts a lot more western European and a lot less British Isles.
Marvin Harris
April 23 @ 8:58am
I'm beginning to think my Scandinavian heritage comes from my Mom. My full sequence 0 gen matches are mostly in Sweden and Norway. She must be descended from Saxon invaders. My oldest known female line ancestor is Elizabeth Craig, b 1813 in GA, USA. She is one of my brick walls.
Curt Harris
April 24 @ 9:21pm
Congratulations, Marvin, you have a consistently strong map. Your heritage appears to be irrefutable. Personally I'm going to wait on the next myOrigins algorithm; I seem to be quite a changeling. "Alien" is an understatement.
Marvin Harris
April 26 @ 9:34pm
While the genetic history is petty consistent, I really just want to know who the heck my great grandfather Harris' parents were.
Joel Harris
June 20 @ 1:59pm
Marvin there are a lot of Harris'. I have on 4 matches with my Y67. A great number with Y12 and 25. The issue is if no one is in the gene pool we can not locate anyone from the gene pool by FTDNA. Think of changing from Y to autosomal and X DNA. Gedmatch.com is free and has a lot of research models to use. I have a website www.cherokeeindiansofalabama.com
David Bell David Bell has a question!
April 19 @ 5:49pm
We have just received the Y-DNA results for my brother and to our surprise the surname we have known all our lives evidently is not ours....we have a very strong connection (66 out of 67 markers) to the Harris family. Wow, where do I go from here.....
Billy Harris
May 3 @ 11:57am
Same with me. Somewhere back in time there was a change in surnames. Haven't found where or why yet.
Nicholas Gilliam
May 4 @ 2:58pm
At a Harris reunion in Virginia a couple of years ago we sat at a table with a man whose DNA test showed he was not a Harris. He eventually discovered his father died and his mother remarried a Harris and since the kids were young in the 19th century they all became Harrises with no adoption papers or anything else. He was a blood relative of my wife! I still do not know if I have a Harris blood connection. My 3g-grandfather's middle name was Harris and he was raised by an Edward Harris for at least part of his life
Tommy Harris GedMatch M773736
May 8 @ 12:58pm
So many scenarios. We experienced something very similar to this, unfortunately still trying to sort out our brick wall that has been there forever it seems. We fully expected to align with our given Harris surname and found out we connect 67/67 to the Hanna(h) surname. Trying to make the connection has been difficult at best but at least we know where we need to direct our attention. Hoping for that wall to come down one day soon.
Joel Harris
June 20 @ 1:48pm
Tommy I have Y67 with 4 matches. I use Gedmatch.com as well. My kit number is T771477 Check my website www.cherokeeindansofalabama.com From the Beard, Little Terrapin and Tissie Womack.
Peter Harris Peter Harris
March 28 @ 7:33pm
Hi, I am new to this. I am Peter Harris, from Australia. have traced my ancestry to Cornwall UK. The most distant ancestor is Abraham Harris, miner,1788 - 1850, I am soon to travel to Cornwall. Can anybody make a link with Abraham? I am happy to share what I find. I will try and locate graves.
Peter Harris
May 10 @ 8:48pm
Hi Elizabeth. John HARRIS (1827-1898) Elizabeth THOMAS (Abt 1827-1903) Joseph Barkly HARRIS (1859-1924) Ellen BELL (Abt 1858-1944) Francis Matthew HARRIS (1897-1987) Family Links Spouses/Children: Clarice Maude THORPE Francis Matthew HARRIS Born: 1897, Stawell, Victoria, Australia 2 Married: 1920, Victoria, Australia 1 Buried: 28 Aug 1987, Templestowe Cemetery, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3 Marriage Information: Francis married Clarice Maude THORPE in 1920 in Victoria, Australia 1. (Clarice Maude THORPE was buried on 18 Oct 1988 in Templestowe Cemetery, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3.)
Peter Harris
May 10 @ 8:49pm
does this help? if it does we have a 'hit'.
Elizabeth Talbot
May 20 @ 3:19am
Hi Peter,The John and Francis Matthew are certainly consistent names - do you know where about they were born in Cornwall? It isn't enough for me to pin point exactly.
Joel Harris
June 20 @ 1:40pm
Peter Harris do you use Gedmatch.com? It is free for al autosomal and X DNA. Upload is free and all directions are provided. check my website www.cherokeeindiansofalabama.com
Steve Metzger Steve Metzger
June 20 @ 12:00pm
I've hit a dead end with my Harris line and am looking for help. I do know that my great grandfather Samuel (b. 1865), and his sister Anna have ties to Wentworth and Reidsville in Rockingham County, NC. They also had a brother Jeffrey that I know very little about. The story goes that following a orphanage fire, Anna was taken in by a Jones family in Reidsville, and Sam by a Pruitt family that moved to Claiborne County, TN, before he was 15. One of my theories is that after the fire and becoming homeless they were taken in by families in the community from whence they came, i.e. Rockingham County. Following this thinking, I've been looking for Harris's in the Rockingham County, NC area from which they may have descended. Thus far, I've hit a dead end. Another story I've heard says that the their mother was a gypsy who abandoned them at the orphanage before moving to Kentucky! Do you think you can help me?
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Rayner Harris
May 31 @ 5:33pm
I have joined but dont see our kit number onn the Y charts. Can someone help?