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Jack harris Jack harris
5 hours ago
hi Harris DNA group! My husband cannot be in this project I guess since he had autosomal dna analysis done on Ancestry.com. Do you know if I uploaded it through Promethease and got his haplotype would that help? His Harris line ended up in Texas but started in North or South Carolina. I have looked at the dna results chart and he doesn't seem to fit. Anybody out there who is a descendant of Edward Champion Harris?
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10 hours ago
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Roy  Harris Ron Harris
Simon Harris Simon Harris has a question!
Yesterday at 2:31am
Hello. I have been on FTDNA and registered with the Harris project since 2015. My results are listed on the colorised chart (409485). It seems though that I am listed as ungrouped. My questions to anyone that knows is: 1) why am I ungrouped and 2) what needs to happen for me to eventually be grouped? Thanks, Simon.
Donnie Harris Donnie Harris
April 27 @ 11:52am
Hello, I am In Indianapolis. Where are some of you at?
Marvin Harris Marvin Harris
October 21 @ 3:43pm
Kit 527130. Group 32. Prototypical Harris origin map. Interesting comparing this to GEDMatch and Euro models. Euro predicts a lot more western European and a lot less British Isles.
Marvin Harris
April 23 @ 8:51am
I went to DNA.Land analysis web site, which offers trait predictions. I'm supposed to have blue eyes ✅, taller than average (6'+ predicted, way off), mild pattern baldness (so much for mild), muscular (which part?) I've successfully fought off my genetic tendencies and remain short, squatty and bald!
Marvin Harris
April 23 @ 8:58am
I'm beginning to think my Scandinavian heritage comes from my Mom. My full sequence 0 gen matches are mostly in Sweden and Norway. She must be descended from Saxon invaders. My oldest known female line ancestor is Elizabeth Craig, b 1813 in GA, USA. She is one of my brick walls.
Curt Harris
April 24 @ 9:21pm
Congratulations, Marvin, you have a consistently strong map. Your heritage appears to be irrefutable. Personally I'm going to wait on the next myOrigins algorithm; I seem to be quite a changeling. "Alien" is an understatement.
Marvin Harris
April 26 @ 9:34pm
While the genetic history is petty consistent, I really just want to know who the heck my great grandfather Harris' parents were.
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April 25 @ 12:01am
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Janet  Moore
David Bell David Bell has a question!
April 19 @ 5:49pm
We have just received the Y-DNA results for my brother and to our surprise the surname we have known all our lives evidently is not ours....we have a very strong connection (66 out of 67 markers) to the Harris family. Wow, where do I go from here.....
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David Bell
April 19 @ 8:57pm
Thank you for your input. We have already tested for Family Finder, we are waiting for those results. The idea for taking the Ancestry test may also work for us. You are right about the one thing that is important most of all, it doesn't matter what our surname is...it doesn't change us. It would be something though to figure out how this all fits together....I have always liked doing jigsaw puzzles..........
Marvin Harris
April 19 @ 9:08pm
If you can talk a couple of maternal and paternal cousins or your parents or living aunts and uncles into getting tested, it will help you a lot. I have a lot of maternal cousins that are in the various testing services. I do not have any paternal cousins that have committed to testing. This makes identifying matches very difficult on my paternal side.
David Bell
April 19 @ 9:18pm
Marvin, thank you for your suggestion on having others tested. I have already ordered a kit for our mothers only sibling, my aunt. Unfortunately, both our parents are deceased and we have very few cousins and have not had contact in many years. Our dad did not have any brothers. Your input has the rusty wheels in my brain trying to turn...some ideas have just kicked in. Thank you.
William Allen
April 22 @ 11:35am
This surname challenge happened to our yDNA test too. Thanks for the suggestions. And, good luck to you David. I plan to share my situation soon.
Peter Harris Peter Harris
March 28 @ 7:33pm
Hi, I am new to this. I am Peter Harris, from Australia. have traced my ancestry to Cornwall UK. The most distant ancestor is Abraham Harris, miner,1788 - 1850, I am soon to travel to Cornwall. Can anybody make a link with Abraham? I am happy to share what I find. I will try and locate graves.
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Peter Harris
March 29 @ 10:22pm
Hi Russell. I am in Northern Victoria. Perhaps there is a link on your mothers side. The Harris name was big in Cornwall. Abraham came from Gwennap, Married Matha Barkle/Bartle.
Russell Thomas (Harris)
April 12 @ 2:29am
Interesting Peter, Most of my Harris family are also from Northern Victoria. Drop me an email
Russell Thomas (Harris)
April 12 @ 2:32am
Peter further to the above my most distant ancestor Moses William Harris Not sure where born but Married in London from memory 1805
Elizabeth Talbot
April 21 @ 1:39am
I have a Cornwall to Victoria connection, but not aware of an Abraham... My gg grandfather was born in Camborne, Cornwall and migrated to Chewton/Castlemaine in Victoria in the 1850s, as did his wife and some siblings (not sure if at the same time). He was Francis Harris (b 1830, m 1852, d 1880) and his brothers were John, Charles, Mathew, and Henry, while his sisters were Elizabeth, Mary, and Christiana. Their parents were Francis and Christiana (Davey) who remained in Cornwall with a few of the children (Henry, Mary and Christiana at least). I know Francis and Mathew had children in Castlemaine area - one being my g grandfather (another Francis) who left Victoria for Tasmania. I would appreciate knowing of any connections to this family, as all avenues in Australia typically end with either childless marriages, or multiple child deaths with few reaching adulthood to reproduce.
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April 20 @ 5:54pm
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Robert McCarty Rayner Harris David Bell Loyd Harris Derrick Mayer (Shady)
Glenn Gohr Glenn Gohr
December 13 @ 11:09pm
Malcolm Harris in Group 4 has been assisting other Harris males in Group 4 with submitting testing for the BIG Y test, which hopefully will help to map out specific male lines going back to a common Harris ancestor in Group 4. At least one more Harris Group 4 male would like to do the Big Y testing, but the cost is over $500. Anyone who would like to contribute to this cause can donate to the Harris General Fund by clicking the blue Donate button on the left. There is also a place to write notes if you wish to earmark the money to a certain item. Currently $100 has been earmarked for a donor in South Africa who has not used it yet (who is not Group 4). Also $25,99 is designated for a Big Y test for a certain Group 4 testee that I know the name of. I have some coupons that can be used now while the holiday sale is going on, but they will not be usable after Christmas. Feel free to donate to the cause if you desire.
Larry Harris
April 8 @ 2:45pm
Glenn Gohr: I am Larry Harris from Alberta, Canada. My great-grandfather, William Harris came from Somerset, as did my Grandfather. They settled eventually in southern Saskatchewan. I have been contacted by Harold Ford, and I have had some connection with other Fords in Australia. There are: a Francis John Ford, Andrew Ford, Jimmy Wayne Ford, who show up on my ancestry list, and I wonder if Harold is descended from these. Most interesting.
Richard Harris
April 11 @ 9:14am
I am connected on mother side to Ford's in Sullivan, Washington co, TN.
Curt Harris
April 20 @ 2:15pm
I just read the new FTDNA sale has started, got this from the DF27 Project: https://dnaexplained.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/dna-day-sale-2017-prices.png See the bigY discount price of $425? Not bad!