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Do you have GUTHRIE ancestry? The GUTHRIE surname originated over 700 years ago in Scotland. It may have stemmed from the name of the Barony of Guthrie, and the landed gentry of that time. Perhaps a Scandinavian Prince by the name of Guthrum deserves the credit for the name, so one theory goes. Or even an old wives tale about a fisherman telling his wife to "gut three" fish for the king. Your DNA holds the answers to some of those mysteries. Is your ethnic makeup really Scandinavian or Celtic, or do your genes reveal some other ancestral origin? Guthrie Castle in Forfar is one of several owned by GUTHRIE families throughout the centuries. The 17th Century rhyme tells of various Guthrie relations: "Guthrie o' Guthrie and Guthrie o' Gaigie, Guthrie o' Taybank an' Guthrie o' Craigie". Towns and Counties by the name of GUTHRIE dot the American countryside. Famous and Infamous GUTHRIE descendants can be found in history books and modern day life. Rebels, Preachers, Pioneers, Statesmen, Counterfeiters, Inventors, Singers, Pulitzer Prize Winners, Race Car Drivers, and TV Personalities all have interesting stories, but are your GUTHRIE ancestors part of their history too? Digging through attics and library shelves, and hanging onto the family stories passed down from one generation to the next, we gather information for our family trees. Your research might provide a wealth of details, or the paper trail you find might simply be paper thin. The depth and accuracy of your traditional research depends on the source material available, not to mention a little luck. Genetic genealogy can shed some light on whether or not the ancestral line you piece together is correct. DNA Testing adds a new level of discovery to the Family Tree. Something that can leap over the brick walls left behind by burned courthouse records or gaps left by the unanswered questions you wish you had asked your grandparents. Members of the GUTHRIE DNA PROJECT are all descendants of GUTHRIE men and women, but are we actually related? Find out how your line fits in. Do you share family ties with the GUTHRIE who built a castle, the GUTHRIE who became a Senator, the GUTHRIE who joined a gang of counterfeiters, or the GUTHRIE who refused to kneel to a king? Join us to see what your DNA tells you about your GUTHRIE ancestors. Collaborate with others from your Guthrie Family Group by posting theories, comments, and questions on the Activity Feed. THE GUTHRIE Y-DNA PROJECT This portion of the project includes Y-DNA Testing of men of the GUTHRIE surname only. (Exceptions: Adoptees, Men of other surnames whose biological father is known to be a Guthrie, Men of Other Surnames who have Y37, Y67, or Y111 matches to Guthrie Y-DNA Project Members) Y-DNA identifies the DNA inherited from your father, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc along your direct paternal line, and matches you with other men who share a common GUTHRIE ancestor. THE GUTHRIE FAMILY FINDER PROJECT Men and women of any surname with known Guthrie ancestry. Family Finder Testing uses autosomal DNA to identify connections for all of your family lines. All variations of the GUTHRIE name are welcome. GUTHRIE DNA PROJECT GROUP ADMINISTRATORS: Larry Guthrie - (Guthrie Origins: Guthrie Family Group 1A - The Middlesex Virginia Group) James Guthrie - (Guthrie Origins: Guthrie Family Group 8 - The Virginia/Halifax Group) Ann Guthrie - (Guthrie Origins: Guthrie Family Group 2A - The Maryland/Pennsylvania Group) The GUTHRIE Motto: "STO PRO VERITATE" (We Stand for Truth)