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The first test results have returned and indicate that there is a relationship between the first two participants of the GRINDLE SURNAME PROJECT.

 The two participants descend from two different GRINDLE men.
         Participant #192618 descends from the Jacob GRINDLE line of Pennsylvania.  The earliest known ancestor of this line is Jacob GRINDLE and his wife Christiannia.
           Participant #192324 descends from the John GRINDLE line.  The earliest known ancestor of this line is John GRINDLE and his wife Susannah.

 Both Jacob and John GRINDLE served in the Revolutionary War in Pennsylvania as did a Henry GRINDLE.  It has always been supposed that these three men were either brothers or father and sons; however no proof has ever been found to confirm this supposition.   We now know, as a result of the Y-DNA 12 marker test, that there is a genetic connection between Jacob and John GRINDLE.

APRIL 2011
A third participant, believed to be a descendant of John GRINDLE but without proof, entered the project.
        Participant #199100  results at the 12 marker level were an identical match with #192324  and a 11/12 match with #192618, confirming a genetic connection.

        Both Participant #199100 and #192324 results changed at the 25 marker level showing a 23/25 marker match. This indicates a 2 step distance yet still proving a genetic connection.

JULY 2011       
Both Participant #199100 and #192324 upgraded to the 37 marker test.  The results changed again, this time showing a 34/37 marker match, indicating a 3 step distance. Still proving a genetic connection, the time frame of the Most Common Recent Ancestor appears to be in the 8 -12 generation range.  There is a 97.28% possibility at 8 generations and a 99.55% at 12 generations.  The 20 generation time frame results in a 99.99% possibility.  Therefore it appears most likely that the Most Common Recent Ancestor may be in early 1700s to late 1600s, and somehow connected via the John GRINDLE line.

        Participant #192618 has yet to upgrade his test.  Therefore it is not possible as yet to determine how distant the Jacob GRINDLE and John GRINDLE lines are to one another.

HAPLOGROUP - All three participants are of the E1b1b1 haplogroup. 

MORE PARTICIPANTS and further DNA tests ARE NEEDED to more accurately and closely determine the Most Recent Common Ancestor of these men.