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July 1 @ 3:05am
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July 1 @ 3:06am
kit no. 862836 can you put prediction for haplogroup or group it at your project
Jan Chlipala Jan Chlipala
March 19 @ 5:49am
Hi, I just received the results for my father who is G-M201. We live in Poland and his paternal line comes from gorals ( polish mountain people , documents reach middle ages). I'm a little surprised of that result and I'm still unfamiliar with the genetic genealogy. Is it possibile that the haplogroup is wrong (Y-37) and will change with BigY?
Irakli Akhvlediani
March 24 @ 4:21pm
If u can ,it´s better to order bigy
Ralph Benedict Ralph Benedict has a question!
July 20, 2018 @ 4:07pm
My maternal uncle, a Benedict, whose kit I manage, FTDNA Kit 302353, was listed at Y-DNA SNP G-Z6638 for a couple of years. Then, in Spring of 2017 was backed up the tree to G-FGC693, with Z6638 only being listed in the tests-taken paragraph. This Spring, Z6638 re-appeared on the FamilyTreeDNA G tree on his page, in green, two steps below G-FGC693; however, the kit is still listed as G-FGC693. I'm wondering about that? [his nephew, Har Mahdeem]
Ralph Benedict
July 28, 2018 @ 8:34pm
Yes, that is a beautiful chart, thank you! I had seen an earlier version.
Ralph Benedict
October 26 @ 5:53pm
Ralph's Big Y-700 results came in 26 September 2019: His current terminal SNP is G-Z31459. [This is his nephew, Har Mahdeem, writing.]
Ralph Benedict
December 7 @ 8:22pm
After manual review of his Big Y-700, by Ray Banks at ISOGG and this project, and then by FTDNA, one more step closer-in-time has been added: G-BY164577. [Har Mahdeem writing]
Ralph Benedict
December 7 @ 8:24pm
And one investigational step below that, on the ISOGG tree.
Mehmet Güveli- Güvelioğlu Mehmet Güveli- Güvelioğlu
December 15, 2018 @ 11:08am
Hi, I'm Mehmet Güveli. My DNA Kit IN35770 and my subgroup Z7944. Z7941 and Z7943 subgroups are negative. That's why I think I'm in the wrong place in group L293. Would you be interested?
Irakli Akhvlediani
December 26, 2018 @ 8:51am
Mehmet they were tested by one group of investigators ,u can´t have their personal information unfortunately,i just know that they are from Hopa and Findikli.Your relation with Digor Ossetian branch it´s more than 3000 years ago.In general like i told u ,majority of results are added to branches by predictions,nothing more and like u know prediction it´s not always correct,that´s why we need more and more bigy results from different branches,not just str results but the study of whole ydna ,this is good source not making prediction just with 37 or even with 67 str data.The problem is ,that we don´t have big number of people who tested their whole ydna,that´s why each result is very helpful ,in yfull tree u see cilesiz https://www.yfull.com/tree/G-F2575/ and i am sure after your bigy will be ready u´ll form new subranch with new snips.U can´t find any information about this individual snip Mehmet ,this snips were discovered recently and for sure just in few people and that´s why u´ll not find any information about this snip,the main goal is for u order bigy and waiting results and after u´ll add your results in yfull we,ll see more acurate tmrca and we´ll discover new snips thank to you
Mehmet Güveli- Güvelioğlu
December 26, 2018 @ 5:05pm
Greetings Dear Irakli, thank you very much for your interest. I'il do a big y test as soon as possible. Then I'm going to wait for people who have the same group as me to test. I hope there's someone else. Good luck.
Akhmed Gaisultanov
January 4, 2019 @ 5:01am
Mehmet Güveli is that your id:YF06554TUR [TR-61] ? if is, then you are relative to ingush also
Mehmet Güveli- Güvelioğlu
January 10, 2019 @ 3:09am
Dear Akhmed, I have not Y full account. id: YF06554TUR [TR-61] very close to me. My sub-branch is Z7944. Same as YF06554. I didn't understand the Ingush connection alone. More like North Ossetian, Svan, Megrel, Imereti.
Leo Ruggiero Leo Ruggiero has a question!
December 17, 2016 @ 2:02pm
I am doing this for my 85 year old father. I am unfamiliar with what actually is G-L293. All emails go to me and I can help answer questions. What is this project about? What needs to be done or should I say what does he have to do? He lives in NJ and I reside in Dallas TX: I am his daughter.
Donald Coelho (BigY & YFull)
June 2, 2018 @ 12:24am
I just found your question was left unanswered for about 18 months. Since I am not an admin who can see your results, my best suggestion is to get the BigY test done. It was on sale for only $349 during DNA Day in April 2018 for those who tested to Y111. If you have not tested to that level, I recommend you first get there, little by little, during sales. Then go for BigY.
Ahmad آل أبو صالح في حلب (آل أمين ابن أحمد آغا جلبي) Ahmad آل أبو صالح في حلب (آل أمين ابن أحمد آغا جلبي)
November 2, 2017 @ 9:08pm
نرجو من الأعضاء الكرام إضافة كل العيّنات السوريّة لديهم إلى هذا المشروع (مشروع الحمض النووي السوري). نأمل أن يصبح أكبر تجمّع للسوريين وتحوّراتهم. وسنقوم بعونه تعالى بطلب العيّنات لجميع العوائل السوريّّة، في الداخل والخارج، والتكفّل بإيصالها إليهم بأسعار مخفّضة. عسى أن نكتشف بعضاً من خفايا التاريخ والأنساب عبر العصور السالفة. www.familytreedna.com/groups/syrian-dna
David Gatuti David Gatuti
February 28, 2015 @ 2:52pm
David Gatuti
February 28, 2015 @ 2:53pm
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