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G-L293 Y-DNA Project

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About us

The goal of the project is to promote our knowledge of the G-L293 (G2a1) Y-DNA subclade. Please join the project if you have been tested L293+, P16+ or P18+ or if you belong to haplogroup G and have STR marker values typical for the G-L293 subclade, such as DYS392=10 AND high values of DYS385 (DYS385a at least 14 or higher and DYS385b at least 15 or higher). Other Haplogroup G-Project Pages: G-Uncategorized&Root-Level Project: G1-M285 / M342 Project: G2a-U1 Project: G2a-CTS342 Project: G2a-L497 Project: G2a-M406 Project: G2a-PF3146 Project: G2a-PF3359 Project: G2b-M3115 / M377 Project: Facebook: Haplogroup-G (with updates on Big-Y test results) ISOGG:G-Tree: Project Composite G-Tree: Project Extended G-Tree: