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Friuli-Venezia Giuli

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About us

Angeli (YDNA: G2, S146+) 23andME
Bertoni (YDNA: R1a1a) FTDNA
Bravin (YDNA: R-M269) FTDNA
Comuzzi (YDNA: J2, M241+) 23andME
Concina (mtDNA: H5) 23andME
De Anna (YDNA: J2) Genographic Project
De Cillia (YDNA: I1) FTDNA
Della Schiava (mtDNA: T1) FTDNA
De Mitri (YDNA: R-M269) IGENEA
De Vecchi [Starz] (YDNA: R1a1) FTDNA
Dreon-Bernardon (mtDNA:73G;114T;263G;315.1C;16093C;16224C;16311C;16519C - K) Ancestry
Fasano (mtDNA: J1c) 23andME
Floreani (mtDNA:73G;252C;263G;309.1C;16114A;16189T;16192.1T;16256T;16270T;16294T;16526A - U5a) Ancestry
Franco (YDNA: R1a1a, mtDNA: H6a1) 23andMe
Giaconi (YDNA: R-M269) FTDNA
Ovan (YDNA: R1a, M198+) 23andME
Pillartz (YDNA: J2, M241+, mtDNA: V1) 23andME
Pontello (YDNA: J2, M172+, mtDNA: H5) 23andME
Puiatti (YDNA: T, L131+, mtDNA HV) FTDNA, 23andME
Roman (YDNA: R-M269, mtDNA: H) FTDNA
Rugo (YDNA: I, M170+) Genographic Project
Simonetti (YDNA: R-U152, L2+, Z49-) FTDNA
Squecco (YDNA: R-U152, L2+, Z49+, Z142-, mtDNA: K1a4) FTDNA, 23andME, deCODEme
Tremul (YDNA: I2, M223+) 23andME
Venuti (YDNA: R-M269, L23+) 23andME
Ziraldo (YDNA: R-U152, L2+) 23andME