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Three descendants of Bryant and Milly Flanagan of Russell County, KY are exact matches at 12 markers and have a paper trail taking them back to Bryant. These lines descend through Bryant's sons, Daniel [09713 and 19230] and Mason [19231]. Another son's line, John who migrated to Missouri around 1850 is not a genetic match for the other two lines. Descendant's of two sons [12240 and 29995] of John and Ruth Flanagan were tested and while matching each other at 12 markers do not match the descendants of Daniel and Mason, John's brothers. This indicates that John was not Bryant's biological son but may have in fact been adopted. One descendant of John and Ruth upgraded their test to 37 markers, and consistently match members of the French family project. This is interesting in that Milly Flanagan's maiden name was French, which is estremely suggestive of an as yet undocumented adoption from Milly's French family line. Her father, Daniel French, and much of the French family moved to Harrison Co., IN. The closest match to the descendants of Daniel and Mason is 21398, whose family came from Ballymoe, Ireland. The results differ only at markers 390 [26 VS 25] and 464b [15 VS 16] which indicates a 70% plus liklelihood of a common ancestor within the last 500 years. Since Bryant's father John was born in North Carolina abt. 1768, and common ancestor would have to be more than 237 years in the past. Participant 21398 descends from Thomas John Flanagan of Ballymoe Ireland, which is in Galway along the line with Roscommon. Thomas was born abt. 1830 and migrated to the US in the 1850s. The family settled in Iowa and MN. Ballymoe was also the birthplace of Father Edward Flanagan, the founder of Boys' Town. 28382 is a one mutation match with 15570, differing at marker 449 [31 VS 32], who descends from a Flanagan line out of Fermanagh. Although 15570 is not a close match for the Ballymoe line above, this participant is the same genetic distance from the Ballymoe line above as my line. They differ at markers 390 [24 VS 25] and 449 [31 VS 30]. Perhaps all three lines share a common ancestor in the distant past, diverging at various times? 25155 and 29615 represent a father and son whose family migrated from Ireland to Canada and subsequently to the United States. 12235 and 24156 are an exact match at 12 markers and have a common documented history. Granuaile O'Flanagan, 8/25/2005