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NOTICE (2019/05/22): Starting this summer there will be a sponsorship available for 12-marker Y-DNA STR tests. It is coming from private funds and will be available on a monthly basis. To qualify, individuals must be males with the Flanagan surname (or immediate known paternity) and be from Connaught, Ulster, or the Midlands of Ireland. Flanagans from Mayo will be given preference. Preference will also be given to individuals who have a verified tree 3+ generations back. Also eligible for consideration will be individuals in the U.S. descended from Thomas Flanagan of Salem, New Jersey, particularly those descended through his son James, with a verified tree back to them
Clan Flanagan has set up a closed Facebook group for general discussions. To join requires a known connection to the Flanagan surname. https://www.facebook.com/groups/366445727168768