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About us

Welcome to the largest Fanning DNA project available! The larger the group, the more DNA samples, the better your chances of learning something new about your genealogy. DNA is a great resource, particularly when the paper trail runs dry.

Check out our "DNA Results" using the link on the left. There are three primary lines that our Y-DNA (father's father etc.) evidence has revealed so far, Edmund Fanning (c1620 Ire - 1683 Stonington CT), Bryan Fannin (c1698 - 1765 Amelia Co. VA), and John Fanning (c1737 NC - c1813 Grayson Co. VA). Data from this project definitively proves that the Edmund Fanning line is unrelated to the other two. Our data also shows that Bryan Fannin and John Fanning were related within a genealogical time frame (i.e. probability that they share a common ancestor within the last eight generations is 89%).

And finally, for members who submitted them, our pedigrees are listed under the "About" link on the left under the "Results" tab. Often these pedigrees, along with the DNA information, is very helpful in filling in the gaps of your family tree.