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About us

This is an FTDNA project for haplogroup E-CTS3346 and all its subclades. If your YDNA haplogroup has been confirmed or predicted as such, you are invited to join us in our mission to understand the broader picture of our ancient YDNA lineages. We recommend taking the Big Y test at FTDNA and then submitting those results for post processing and further interpretation. Membership is not limited to males, since many autosomal contributors may hold the key to connecting various bloodlines under E-CTS3346. However, we will not have the resources to work on other YDNA male lineages, but only the results as they contribute to the bloodline we are working on. Likewise, autosomal results will only be looked at for connections to this bloodline. The links in the tabs above and at the left will tell you more about this project, its composition of members, and where we would like to head as more and more are tested to help populate the FTDNA and external interpretation services databases. Our volunteer administrators have varied experiences and access to other resources, so we can likely find an answer to most questions.