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DuBose-DuBois DNA Project
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About us

Welcome to the DuBose/DuBois Surname Project!

DUBOSE, DUBOIS, DUBOISE, DUBOICE, DUBOYS, DUBOSC, DUBUSK, and other surname variants are welcome to join this Y-DNA paternal project. Many people with these surnames descend from Isaac DuBosc and Suzanne Couillandeau, French Huguenot refugees who settled on the Santee River in South Carolina in the 1680s...or from sons of Chretien and Cornelia DuBois, also Huguenots who emigrated to America in 1660 and settled in New York. Surnames included in the project include: DuBose, DuBois, Duboise, Duboice, DuBosc, Dubusk, Duboys, and other close variants.

The DUBOSE-DUBOIS SURNAME DNA project was formed to help sort out the many branches of DuBose, DuBois, DuBoise, DuBusk  families and find connections in the absence of primary documentation. If your surname is DuBose, DuBois or one of its variants, join us and help build the genetic map of our Huguenot heritage.

For the results to be meaningful, participants will need to share their direct male line ancestry back to the earliest known DUBOSE/etc., either in the form of a pedigree chart, family group sheets, or electronic GEDCOM files.  Living persons should be excluded from the documentation.

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Please check your Kit at FTDNA and consider the following suggestions: 

- Fill in the MOST DISTANT ANCESTOR part of your profile. This is essential information for understanding how your DNA fits in known lineages. Put the names and dates of the earliest ancestors you know. Even if it is just your parents. For example, JOHN DOE, b. abt 1800 in VA, d. abt 1860 in KY.  

- Include multiple email addresses in your contact settings. This can help if your current address dies. 

- Fill in the Beneficiary Information section of your profile. That will allow others to continue research someday. If you don't have anyone interested in continuing your genetic genealogy work, then feel free to list one of the admins on this project as your DNA data beneficiary. You can declare that you choose to donate your data to PUBLIC DOMAIN if you choose.

- Upload a GEDCOM file if you have one. If you don't have a gedcom, then you can ask the admins here to create one for you. To create a gedcom we need to know your lineage. The more ancestors included in the gedcom, the better. But, just you and your parents is better than nothing. 

- If you want your mtDNA data used for research, then toggle mtDNA Results to YES. 

- Project Administrator Settings - You may choose to allow the project administrators to have access and change your settings and personal information. If you wish to grant a Project Administrator full access to your kit, please provide them with your kit number and password. Full access may be revoked at any time by changing your password.