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Brenda Hall Brenda Hall has a question!
February 24 @ 3:20pm
I am searching for the parents of my grandfather Robert Isiah Sanders Born 4/8/1887 in Raleigh NC Died 1/22/1954 in Fayetteville NC His parents were said to be David Sanders and Sallie Mae Williams Sanders. they later moved to Liberty, Kentucky. I have searched online records for months and I cannot locate them or my Sanders line.
Brenda Hall
February 27 @ 5:01pm
I searched anything I could find in Kentucky with no results. So I went back to Ancestry files and found on his marriage license (just this week) to my grandmother and the license listed JW and Sallie Mae Sanders WILMINGTON NC..
Brenda Hall
February 27 @ 5:04pm
On his death certificate was listed David Sanders, RALEIGH NC and mother not known. I had hear from family that granddaddy did lie in Raleigh NC at some point, had a wife and 2 children there --- but their house burned down and his wife did not survive... I do not know what happened to those 2 children (girls).
Brenda Hall
February 27 @ 5:05pm
Please excuse my typing errors. I'm not as good as I used to be.......
Larry Franklin Green
April 7 @ 3:44pm
I don´t know if its appropiate to answer,I have a cousin thats´married to a Sanders ,maybe worth a text ,facebook:Pat Sanders
Raymond Garnett Raymond Garnett
March 31 @ 8:40pm
Hello Ya'll...I had no idea there was an CumberlandGap-mtDNA in my Genealogy, but here I am. Glad I found out and my Uncle's DNA....So let's see where this takes me & Ya'll. Looking forward to figuring out how the Garnett's fit into the CumberlandGap-mtDNA and vice versa...any assistance is appreciated...If ya'll can't tell; by me using the term "Ya'll", I'm from the South :-) ...DNA is NEW to me and I'm just learning this side of Genealogy research...I've been doing Genealogy since 1985 on paper until I found a Genealogy program later in 1990 called Brother's Keeper and am still using the current version and still love that program...anyway...OK let's see if we can find some connections...thanks, Terry
Walter Williamson
April 1 @ 8:29am
Welcome to the project. Hope you discover all your hillbilly roots, like the rest of us. My maternal side, still have deep roots in Dutch Valley, on the Tennessee side of the Cumberland Gap. Surnames, Hopson, Acuff, Ritter, Rosenbaum, Wolfenbarger, Bunch, Kitt, Lively, Harrell.
Patricia Sparks
April 2 @ 6:54pm
Grainger Co? I have Acuffs & Ritters in my direct line...also from Moore Co, NC
Luis Schuler Luis Schuler
March 19 @ 2:25pm
Hello to all, joining the group, My haplogroup is H1ak2, and my mother's name was D'Aubin-Daubin-Dauvin from France. The information I have up to now is that we came from Gironde, Aquitaine and specifically from the town of Saint-Pierre-D'aurillac. Greetings
Jo Thrasher Jo Thrasher
January 4 @ 9:30am
Hello! I am new to the group and trying to stumble through figuring out my dna connections. Excited to read and learn from all of you. Jo Ann
Walter Williamson
January 4 @ 2:48pm
Hello Jo Ann: Welcome to the group.
Amy Brady c/o Lara
January 11 @ 7:16pm
welcome Jo Ann
Narsimoulou Valentine
March 2 @ 12:33pm
Salut Jo ! So I am. Nice to meet you . Bienvenue .
Robert Bolton
March 4 @ 7:01pm
Welcome and greeting Jo Ann. Any questions you have?
Richard Hellstrom Richard Hellstrom has a question!
December 12 @ 6:11pm
How can you tell who your matched up to in this group ? I was looking for the surname Noe and Jones from the Kentucky area.
Thomas Powers *
December 12 @ 7:21pm
Richard, You can go to Family Finder, click on Advanced Matches. Then on the boxes that go across the page check the Family Finder box, then go to the drop-down menu and scroll down to the Cumberland Gap group, click on it and then click on the "run report" button.
Richard Hellstrom
December 12 @ 7:23pm
Thanks - I'll give it a go !
Amy Brady c/o Lara
January 11 @ 7:27pm
OMG!!! I did this & got 4 pages of cousins from this group :0 I really need to get over here & research!
Narsimoulou Valentine
March 2 @ 12:30pm
Salut ; To your question : By chance . I am very Mixed Person and live in France ; I speak français , know History and some people can have a french name (south USA , Canada…) , perhaps I can help. So much People move in the History. Au revoir . (sorry for my English)
Mitzi Bame Mitzi Bame
August 2 @ 10:57am
Hello, My name is Mitzi. This whole group thing, and mtDNA is new to me. I am looking for my grandmother's grandmother's parents. My grandmother's grandmother was Catherine A. RAMSEY (1816/21 NC - 1900 McMinn Co., TN) who md Wiley K. Shearer (1815-1910 McMinn Co., TN) 1839 Macon Co., NC according to Wiley's pension record. Catherine stated her dad was born in KY and her mom in NC. She and Wiley were living in Cherokee Co., NC 1840 and 1850. In 1860 they are in Polk Co., TN. In 1870, 1880, 1900 they are in McMinn Co., TN. Their children were Nancy, John Emanuel, Margaret, William, James, Almira “Mira,” Lorenzo D., & Mary. I'm not sure how my mtDNA will help here. I appreciate direction with knowing how to use the mtDNA here and also finding Catherine's parents. Thank you!! Mitzi
Mitzi Bame
October 2 @ 9:30am
Patricia Tabor - how do I contact you?
Anniedear Chappell
October 4 @ 4:47pm
Mitzi - I will answer your note to me during the day. Sending you some questions first, so I have a better picture of how to answer your questions. -anniedear/admin
Patricia Tabor
October 21 @ 6:00pm
Hi Mitzi, you can reach me at and we can compare our Ramsey connections. Hope to talk to you soon. Pat Tabor Rabon
Shelley Hallman. (Moore)
February 22 @ 11:43pm
Patricia Tabor, I have Clayton in an unbroken male Clayton line from 1640 until 1837 , then my descendant my 1st Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Anne Clayton. slipped int there and broke the chain! The 1st in Virginia Samuel Clayton b, 1640 Abington, Glouchester, VA and his wife Susannah Morris b. 1642. married about 1664. Elizabeth's Father Grandfather Thomas b 1771 is mentioned in early records of Augusta Co. She was born in Wheeling , (West) Virginia
Rex Dillman Rex Dillman
December 18 @ 1:23pm
i know how hampton relatives came from carolinas and johnson county tenn. just dont know how nancy prouds family came to south ohio.... finding records for ohio in 1820 or before isnt in national records.... nancy was born ohio?1812???? havent even looked for those male relation to her....
Shelley Hallman. (Moore)
February 22 @ 10:44pm
Rex. I am from the West Coast so not super familiar with the locations of many areas. I wasted tons of time looking in the wrong states. if you can't find a person check for changes in boundaries as counties and states had many changes If she was from eastern Ohio, Check Augusta County, Virginia and the other counties as Augusta's 1000 square miles have been broken into different counties (and states) Wheeling, Virginia was just across the river from Ohio, Fairly close to Zanesville. and many folks didn't think much of changing states when it was simply across the river! Ps Many people came into Ohio from VA & PA in that area.
Patsy Greer Jay Patsy Greer Jay
December 27 @ 10:30am
I got my mtDNA results back and am not sure I belong in this project on my maternal side. There are 9 of us on the chart with haplogroup T2c1d1 but I am not having any luck matching those on the chart with the matches on my results page. My maternal line is : Martha Stout Rose 1768-1838, 5th great-grandmother (not sure if this is correct) Abigail Grimes? 1792-1863 (not sure if this is correct) Martha Jackson 1816- Martha (Mattie) Essie Renfroe 1843-1908 Callie Donia Henderson 1874-1936 Mattie Leona Breedlove 1897-1964 Are these familiar to anyone?
Raymond Bucher
January 13 @ 10:38am
Patsy, do you have a kit on Gedmatch? My kit is #BA7871704
Patsy Greer Jay
January 16 @ 8:21pm
No, Raymond, I have mtDNA on and autosomal on and; my Tree is posted on both these accounts. My brother has his Y-DNA on under the surname Greer
Anniedear Chappell
February 16 @ 1:47pm
Patsy, is a site where one can download their Raw Data and compare with others no matter who they tested with. I prefer the DNA Autosomal Raw data download for that. GEDmatch is going through a new owner, but I do recommend it for everyone. It is not a separate lab and does not offer any services except matches by DNA, up to about 2000 matches. But matches there, can be from any labs which means more chances of finding random matches.
Susan Dougherty
February 17 @ 9:18am
Patsy - if your ancestor Martha Stout Rose is from the geographic region listed in the project description, then you absolutely belong in this group. The project depends on attracting large numbers of people to succeed in connecting family lines. I joined several years ago and have yet to make one remotely close mtDNA connection, but if I drop out I will never get any.
Frank Hodge Frank Hodge
February 15 @ 6:49am
Benjamin Hodge (120 years) d. October 1, 1933, Poplar Bluff Missouri, FGC5494 , BY11582, father Aries Hodge, mother Katherine, members Curtis Hodge(s) Sr, William Hodges, Stephen, Amos , Ervine, all d 1845 .... connection to John Hodge Lockport Grand Master, Elmira, ...Taunton, Massachusetts/ William Hodges 2nd voyage James Cook, Great Priory of Scotland, James R Hodge, ... Ben Hodge or Uncle Ben will appear in newspaper from late 1920’s till his death 1933.... his son Frank Hodge marry Sarah Wheeling (Wheeler) K1a1b2b .... searching for Aries Hodge origins
Frank Hodge
February 15 @ 6:52am
Looking for connections..... to open minds .. Moat quote “It is hard to fill a cup that is already filled”
Anniedear Chappell
February 16 @ 1:53pm
Frank, I think the wording confused me - This is Cumberland Gap location which is a specific area - and this is the maternal DNA- and lived in the Counties of: Lee, Scott & Russell Counties in VA, Bell & Harlan Counties in Kentucky and Claiborne, Hancock, & Hawkins Counties in Tennessee where the areas join together over the Appalachain Mtns.
Carol Inman Carol Inman
October 16 @ 1:08pm
Hello, My family comes from the Cumberland Mtns area in KY. I have Inman, Steely, Jones and Creekmore in my family.
Pamela Elliott
November 14 @ 10:10am
My family (on paternal grandmother's side) were from Harlan, KY. The surname is Ledford. Does anyone have Ledford's in their family tree?
Donna Blades
November 21 @ 4:18pm
My great grandmother was a Ledford on my mothers side
Teresa Mason
November 23 @ 10:20am
I have Ledfords also. My most recent Ledford is Elizabeth who is my 4th great grandmother. She died in Harlan in 1853.
Larry Franklin Green
January 13 @ 1:12pm
I served with a Ledford in Vietnam in ´68-´69,I believe he said he was born in Tennessee,it may help