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1. The Canadian Anusim Project is now working with the Gen Ami Jewish Genealogy Association. Gen Ami has added the records for the Pont-Saint-Esprit, Bayonne & Bordeaux Area to their website. They have a wonderfully informative newsletter and had an article about the Canadian Anusim Project member David Dugas and his link to the French Cohan Ducas family. I highly recommend joining the association. Micheline Gutmann of Gen Ami, has been a huge help to our project. Gen Ami web address: 2. We are in the process of comparing all of our male DNA test results to both Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jewish DNA test results that Family Tree DNA now has. We will keep the website updated as to our findings. 3. I want to thank Doug Miller from the French-Heritage DNA Project, also located on Family Tree DNA site, for all of the help you have provided our project. 4. I would like to encourage anyone interested in this Project to consider a generous donation. We have many people who need to be tested but are unable to afford the cost of the testing. 5. The following is a link to join The Sephardic Jewish Genealogy E-Group. We are currently discussing our Project test results and have quite a few active members working on not only their personal genealogy but are also assisting others that are working on the Canadian Anusim Genealogies. We have become a very active discussion group and the message archives are quickly filling up with useful information about the anusim families in Canada.