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About us

To Join this yDNA Testing Project Click onto the icon "JOIN REQUEST" at the top of this screen and fill in your info. There are two methods to join. The first is for those already belonging to FamilytreeDNA.  The second is for those who are new.  They should select the orange icon: Purchase A Test To Join This Project.
When the screen appears, you will see various tests offered. We recommend you select the 25 yDNA test or 37 or 67 marker tests. The reason is to assure you have enough markers for FamilytreeDNA to be able to prove kinship to any other donors you match.

SCOPE OF THE PROJECT: This is primarily a yDNA testing project involving the surnames of Callan, Callen, Callin Cullen(and other spelling variations). Since yDNA testing pertains to the Y chromosome which is passed from father to son(s), only males born with the surname Callan, Callen, Callin and other variations can be tested. All such males are invited to join. Also any male who believes he biologically descends from such lines may join, regardless of his current surname. Anybody can sponsor a male Callan, Callen, Callin or other spelling variations of their line. An email address is needed by the donor/participant or sponsor so that FamilytreeDNA and the Group Administrator can communicate with them regarding test results and progress of the testing project. The Callen yDNA testing project began in August 2005 and will continue as long as interested descendants wish.
PURPOSE: The gist of yDNA testing is that when two or more test results match between male donors with the surname Callan, Callen, Callin, (or other spelling variation) the matching donors are proven to have descended from a common ancestor. The ancestor's name is not given, but it can be predicted how far back he lived by the closeness of the yDNA matches. This allows the two or more matched lines to compare research notes in order to zero in on their common ancestor.

TOP TEN REASONS TO JOIN THE DNA TESTING PROJECT: (1) Each donor represents their particular line in the DNA testing project. A couple of hundred years from now, descendants of your line will be glad you joined. (2) With a match(s) of yDNA test results to other group donors, you will know proof positive the matched lines share a common ancestor. This enhances research work, pointing the way towards zeroing in on the common ancestor. If one of the donors hasn't developed a lineage, he instantly has found his ancestors, via the other donors he matched. (3) Match(s) of yDNA test results between donors confirms your paper lineage. Adoptions, adultry and name changes over the eons do not necessarily show up in the paper trail of your ancestors. (4) The donor will learn the "Recent Ethnic Origins" of other donors who match his yDNA, which may indicate where his own ancestors lived say, ten or more generations ago, while paper trails still existed. (5) The donor will learn the predicted Haplogroup of his ancestor. This is his ancient ethnic origins. Talking tens of thousands of years ago. You'll learn the migration paths of your ancient ancestors after the last ice age. (6) The donor will receive a certificate from FamilytreeDNA showing his test results = Haplotype. If you wish, you can add your haplotype to any DNA databank. Your privacy is guaranteed, tho. Only you can allow your name and/or test results to be shown anywhere. (7) The donor's DNA sample will be stored by the lab 25 years, free. This is in case upgrades or updates are wanted later. The donor won't have to retest. Again, the lab where your DNA is stored, doesn't know your name, only the kit number and surname of your group. (8) The donor's test results (haplotype) become a part of the Callen DNA testing project. Hopefully enough will join so that various Callan/ Callen/ Callin lines of descent will become established for the benefit of current and future researchers. (9) The donor's lineage may be added to this website. This is free advertising for the donor's line, so that present and/or future researchers/ cousins might be able to contact each other. It is at the prerogative of each donor whether his entire lineage is shown on the website. At a minimum, we do want to show his most distant ancestor's name, birthdate & place, deathdate and place, and spouse's name if known. (10) Test results, ie, your Haplotype, will last forever, so it's abit of immortality. Trouble is for those who haven't joined yet, you aren't getting any younger.

COMPANY HANDLING THE PROJECT: FamilytreeDNA (FTDNA) of Houston Texas coordinates this and many more DNA testing projects. The University of Arizona does the actual lab work.

GROUP ADMINISTRATORS: My name is William Robert "Bill" Morrow. I live near Tishomingo, Oklahoma, USA. My wife's maiden name is Callen, hence my interest in the Callen DNA testing project. I have been an amateur genealogist since 1980 and I've been involved in DNA testing projects since July 2003 when I became Group Administrator for the Morrow DNA testing project. This is voluntary work, I'm not paid or given anything.
January 4, 2014 Stan Courtney kit 264834  became Co-Administrator of the Callen DNA group. His paternal ancestor Owen Courtney b. 1805 Scotland was born with the surname Callen. 

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: We use Callen as the testing project Surname since it seems to be the most widely used variation. All variations will be accepted into the DNA testing project. Again, because this type of DNA testing pertains to the Y chromosome passed from father to son(s), only living males with the surname Callen, Callan, Callin and other variations may be donors. Also, any males who think they are biologically descended from such lines. Anybody can sponsor a donor of their line. An email address is needed, either by the donor/ participant or their sponsor. By this means, the Group Administrator/ FamilytreeDNA can email the progress of tests and group progress to the donors, participants and/or sponsors.

DNA KIT AND INSTRUCTIONS: The day following the date a person joins, FTDNA sends a DNA kit to the donor's home address as shown on their "join page". The kit contains two vials and two six inch, narrow plastic swabs. Instructions are included. With the swab, the donor brushes inside his cheek, like brushing your teeth. Preferably in the morning before you do brush your teeth. He drops the end of the swab into the 1st vial, then repeats the next morning with the 2nd swab and vial. Simple and painless. He then places the two vials in an envelope furnished in the kit, takes it to the Post office, mails back to FamilytreeDNA. They assign a kit number and mail to the testing lab. The lab never knows the donor's name, only the kit number and surname. Tests take about 6-8 weeks after FTDNA receives the kit back from the donor. FTDNA will post estimated dates for various test results. The Group Administrator may email such dates to the donor/sponsor. TESTING THE DNA SAMPLE: The University of Arizona lab experts examine the DNA of the donor's Y chromosome according to the number of "markers" chosen by the donor/sponsor (when they join). You can choose yDNA 12, 25, 37 or 59 marker tests. We recommend the yDNA 25 marker test since it takes that many markers to prove kinship between two or more donors. Marker is defined as a locus or location point on the Y chromosome. Only specific markers which pertain to inheritance are chosen. The lab expert records the number of DNA repeats at each marker. DNA repeats vary from a low of 8 to a high of 36. These are called alleles. The combination of markers and alleles become the test results or "Haplotype" of the donor. The lab then reports the test results to FTDNA.The lab will maintain each donor's DNA sample for 25 years. By this means, updates or upgrades can be made without taking new samples.

CERTIFICATE OF TEST RESULTS SENT TO DONOR: FTDNA sends each donor a certificate by snail mail showing his marker and allele Haplotype. The same test results are also shown on the donor's personal pages.

EACH DONOR HAS SEVEN "PERSONAL PAGES": FTDNA also sets up seven "personal pages" for each donor after the test results are received: (1) Set up preferences; you may set the options for your search results. (2) GEDCOM - Family tree. Upload, view or delete your GEDCOM pedigree chart. (3) Genographic Project. Learn about the Genographic Project & how you can join it. (4) Y-DNA matches. Shows group members & email addresses of those who match your test results. If you wish, you can chose to have all matches from the entire FTDNA donors shown, regardless of surname. FTDNA says though, that a match with a donor of a different surname does not necessarily mean close kinship. (5) Recent Ethic Origins. FTDNA compares your test results with their entire database for donors who reported where their most distant ancestors lived. This may indicate where your own ancestors lived, say, ten or more generations ago. (6) Haplogroup. FTDNA predicts your Haplogroup, (ancient ethnic origins). This is based upon marker results and is not 100% accurate. You may request an additional test for $65 or more, which will give an accurate Haplogroup. (7) Y-DNA DYS Values. This is your test results, or Haplotype. You can view anytime, and copy your test results if you wish.

CODE AND PASSWORD: FTDNA gives each donor a code = password to be used with his kit number to access his personal pages from FTDNA's home webpage: If any donor/sponsor has misplaced, lost or forgotten the code/password or kit number, go to FamilytreeDNA's homepage, click onto "forget your password?" for help, located on the right of the screen. Or Email =

FTDNA INFORMATION: When test results are received from the lab, FamilytreeDNA experts compare the donor's haplotype with other group members, looking for close matches which indicate kinship. This is called "Genetic Distance". If two or more donor's haplotypes match with no more than two single step mutations difference (genetic distance = 2)at the 25 marker level, this is proof positive the donors descended from a common ancestor. The ancestor's name is unknown, but FTDNA can predict how far back he lived according to how close a match occured. Mutation is defined as a change in the number of alleles at a marker, either more or less, which is then carried on in future generations. Such mutations occur between father and son, and can happen in any generation. Another son may or may not have that same mutation. Mutations occur due to: (1) time; (2) radiation naturally occuring on earth; (3) certain sicknesses; (4) the environment. Next FTDNA compares the donor's haplotype to all other FTDNA donor's haplotypes who reported where their "recent ancestral origins", ie, their most distant ancestor, lived. This may give you an indication of where your own ancestors lived, say, ten or more generations ago. FTDNA then predicts each donor's Haplogroup (ancient ethnic origins). This is based upon the number of markers you chose to be tested, and is not 100% accurate. For $65 additional bucks, you can have a test run which will be accurate. FTDNA then prepares their patented FTDNAtip which computes the percent prediction how far back the common ancestor lived from one hundred, two hundred, three, four or five hundred years on back. FTDNAtip is made available to each donor/sponsor within their personal pages. FTDNA loads the donor's personal pages with the information. FTDNA then emails the donor/sponsor and the Group Administrator of the test results.

GROUP ADMINISTRATOR PROCEDURES: The Group Administrator may email the donor/ sponsor with his analysis of test results. Again, I am an amateur genealogist and have limited knowledge of yDNA testing but such analysis will be my best efforts. I will rely upon FTDNA information and their expert advice in these matters. Shortly after the donor/ sponsor has joined the Callen DNA testing project, the Group Administrator will email the donor/ sponsor and request their lineage. If the donor/ sponsor hasn't worked up a lineage, I will give my assistance, researching on the internet and census records. When ready, the lineage will be added to this website only at the prerogative of each donor/sponsor. The purpose is twofold. First, I will compare the new lineage with other donor's lineages to see if there is a match. Secondly, when the lineage is placed on this website, it becomes free advertising for the donor/ sponsor. Another researcher of his line might find this website and wish to contact the donor/ sponsor. If this happens, I will only pass the researcher's email onto the donor/ sponsor. It will be their prerogative to contact the researcher. Finally, the Group Administrator will add new test results and analysis to this website. The Group Administrator will work with each donor/ sponsor regarding any info posted on this website so that they reach a mutual agreement with the final wording. 

HOW TO DONATE TO THE CALLEN DNA TESTING PROJECT: Anybody wishing to donate funds to the Callen group can do so by clicking onto the URL to the left, marked "Contribute to the surname project general fund". You can designate how you want your donation used, or specify which participant(s) you want your donation to help.