A Genealogy, DNA Analysis, and Deep-Ancestry Discovery Project
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About us

The Byars DNA Analysis Project hopes to bridge the gaps between our genealogical paper trails and our DNA signatures (haplotypes), connecting stray dots and toppling genealogical brick walls as we go. This project will lean heavily toward DNA analysis and is first and foremost a family finder research project focused on my Byars family and other associated families who immigrated from the United Kingdom and Ireland to, and then throughout, the United States. Starting in the distant past, we will use our unique DNA fingerprints and SNPs to work our way forward and connect these family DNA signatures to our family paper trail, which means that the more DNA data and genealogical information we have to work with, the better resolution we can get and the better we can piece together our larger genealogical picture, which includes discovering our deep ancestry and early migration routes in the United States, Ireland, Great Britain, and Europe, finding our common ancestors, sorting family branches, and learning as much as we can about our own DNA haplotypes, our SNPs, our STRs, our family off-modal signature markers, and our close genetic matches and their geographical origins.