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About us

BRADLEY, BRADLY, BRADLEE, BROADLEY and variants are welcome to join this YDNA project. Only males have Y-chromosomes, so only male BRADLEYs (or variants) are eligible to join. In addition, Administrator Rights must be set to at least "Limited."

If you are female, please have a male BRADLEY (or variant) relative submit a sample for your line. To participate meaningfully, paticipants need to share their direct male line ancestry back to the earliest known BRADLEY (or variant), in the form of a pedigree (excluding living persons).

PLEASE READ: When writing to Admins or Co-Admins for assistance, please include kit #, kit name and ensure privacy settings are set to Limited Access, as follows:

* Go to: Privacy and Sharing, and work through the privacy options.

* When complete, click on the tab right next to the Privacy and Sharing called Project Preferences

* Please click on “EDIT” then grant your Administrators ‘Limited Access.’

* Don't forget to SAVE your new settings.