J1 Y-DNA > L817 clade

M267 > L136 > P58 > S4924 > L817
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About us

J1 Y-DNA > L817 clade project is an affiliate of J1 Y-DNA haplogroup project.

Even if you have not done a BigY test yet, one can tell with nearly 100% probability that you belong to J-L817 clade (branch) if you have Y-DNA haplogroup J-M267, J-L136, J-P58 or J-Z1878 on your FamilyTreeDNA profile homepage and the following marker values on myDNA / Y-DNA / Y-STR results page: DYS392 >=13 and DYS390 >= 24.

Testers with DYS392>=13 and DYS390>=24 who joined the main J1 Y-DNA haplogroup project are transferred to this group.

Time to most recent common ancestor of J-L817 persons is currently estimated at ~6600 years before present, as compared to ~8500 years for our parent clade J-P58 and ~18200 years for broader Haplogroup J1 (J-M267).

A majority of J-L817 men belong to J-L818 subclade (estimated time to most recent common ancestor: 3900 years before present). At the next level of phylogeny, a majority of J-L818 persons belong to an even younger J-L816 branch (time to most recent common ancestor: 1150 years before present). J-L816 men can be recognized by DYS439 marker value between 9 and 11.

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