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J-L817 Clade

  • 231 members

About us

Our project focuses on the J-L817 (J1a2b3) Y-DNA clade downstream of J-P58 (J1a2b, earlier known as J1c3, J1e). 

In terms of Y-STR haplotypes, members of J-L817 can be distinguished from all the other J-P58 persons by the following combination of Y-STR marker values: DYS392 at or above 13 and DYS390 at or above 24. A majority of known J-L817 clade members belong to its J-L818 (J1a2b3a) subclade.

At the next level of phylogeny, J-L818 persons, which in addition to DYS392>=13 and DYS390>=24 have the value of Y-STR marker DYS439 between 9 and 11, belong to an even narrower J-
L816 (J1a2b3a1) subclade. Time to the most recent common ancestor of J-L816 subclade is estimated at 1050 years before present.

J-L817 Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/iyyovi/

J-L817 Yahoo! group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/L817/

J-L817 clade project is a partner of Y-DNA Haplogroup J-M267 (J1) project.